New Svatura Covers: Design Options

In a recent post, I shared my observations and research concerning book covers. The feedback I got was all over the map. Some look for unusual covers without the hot guy/girl on the cover. Some identify their genre by that hot guy/girl cover type.

Originally, it was my idea/decision to go with the flowers for the book covers. I wanted something that was original and would stand out from the crowd. And Jason did a gorgeous set of covers for me. I’m so reluctant to let them go.

However, eventually I realized that the only way to tell for sure if it’s the cover that is making the difference is to change up the Svatura covers and see what happens. Like I said… it breaks my heart to let go of the beautiful ones Jason created. And, if I don’t see any real impact from this move, I’ll be even more sad. But, business hat on, it seems worth a try.

I’m in the process of creating the new book covers now. I know which I’m going with, but thought I’d share the 3 different design versions I came up with initially. I was going to do all three themes for all 4 books. But I fell in love with one of the designs, so didn’t end up doing that.

Option #1
Going for a dreamy, romantic feel with this option. Using the same image to wrap around to the back side of the print version of the cover.

Option #2
Going for a sexier paranormal look with these. The plan would be to give each girl a tattoo that goes with her powers. The falcon for Ellie. Wolf for Selene. A heart aflame for Lila. And a dragon for Adelaide.
Option #3
Going for a more innocent (but still sexy) look with these and still paranormal with the glowing eyes. The plan would be to have each girl’s eyes glow the color they do in the books. Violet for Ellie. Fuchsia for Selene. Ice blue for Lila. Yellow for Adelaide. The backgrounds on the back covers would be settings from the books.

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