Make Your Dreams Come True Day

January 13 is #MakeYourDreamsComeTrueDay!

Unlike in movies, your dreams won’t happen by just wishing on a star and singing a song. Get out there and make them happen!

Not sure where to start? You could try…

Researching the topic. Talking to someone who inspires you. Writing down a plan. Giving yourself a deadline. Signing up for a class. Joining a group who focuses on that. Finding encouragement or help from others.

I consider myself lucky that I get to live my dream of being an author every single day. But it took an incredible amount of hard work to get here. I’ve loved every step along the journey because the dream for me is not the goal of being a “big enough” author that I can make a living (though that would be lovely), it’s to write books and publish them. I’ve been doing that since 2012, even when I was working a full time job, getting my MBA, and my kids were babies. All of it was a dream come true!

You can make yours happen! Don’t wait. 🙂


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