Svatura – Key Concepts, Powers, & Characters

Key Concepts


Any person with extraordinary powers. The term was coined by Ellie and Griffin’s great-grandfather who lived with a group of gypsies. It is a Roma term.


Primarily powers are genetic, passed down through generations. But each new generation has a slightly different take on the power(s) they inherit. Most Svatura marry humans (there’s not a ton of Svatura out there) and so most offspring only inherit one power. Multiple powers are unusual. Powers also kick in around puberty and gaining perfect control over them takes time (centuries sometimes). In addition, if a baby may inherit more than about three powers, usually that results in twins, who split up the powers.


Svatura age at a slower pace. It kicks in around puberty and slows down exponentially for the first thousand years and then slowly speeds back up. They can live as long as two-thousand years.

Vyusher, Timening, etc.

Some tribes of Svatura people give themselves a more regional name. Vyusher means wolf. Timening means jaguar.


Another Roma term. In this series, it means fated souls bonded by heart and spirit.

Core Svatura Family

Ellie Aubrey

Relationships: Descendant of the original Svatura/gypsy line and Svatura Princess, Alex’s te’sorthene and wife, Griffin’s twin sister.

Powers: Metamorph forms include dragon, jaguar, wolf, and falcon (she gets more forms when she touches other metamorphs), controls others’ powers if she’s touching them, linked to her twin’s power of telepathy.

Alex Jenner

Relationships: Ellie’s te’sorthene and husband, Hugh’s and Lucy’s adoptive son, Lila’s and Adelaide’s adoptive brother.

Powers: freezes objects (not into ice, but stopping motion).

Selene Cavriani

Relationships: Queen of the Vyusher, Griffin’s te’sorthene, Gideon’s twin sister.

Powers: inherited – wolf metamorph, dream visitor, turns off others’ powers (including hiding Svatura from trackers in small numbers), enhances others’ powers around her; received – falcon morph.

Griffin Aubrey

Relationships: Descendent of the original Svatura/gypsy line and Svatura Prince, Selene’s te’sorthene, Ellie’s twin brother.

Powers: telepathy, invisible shield (can be used both physically or to make himself invisible), linked to his twin’s falcon shift.

Lila Jenner

Relationships: Hugh’s and Lucy’s daughter, Adelaide’s sister, Ramsey’s te’sorthene, Alex’s adoptive sister.

Powers: inherited – sees when people are telling the truth, senses and heals emotions; received – falcon morph, telepathy, dream control.

Ramsey Pierce

Relationships: Charlotte’s and Dexter’s adoptive son, Lila’s te’sorthene, Nate’s adoptive brother.

Powers: firestarter.

Adelaide Jenner

Relationships: Hugh’s and Lucy’s daughter, Lila’s sister, Nate’s te’sorthene (?), Alex’s adoptive sister.

Powers: inherited – sees relationships between people; received – telepathy, falcon morph.

Nate Pierce

Relationships: Charlotte’s and Dexter’s adoptive son, Adelaide’s te’sorthene (or Talia’s?), Ramsey’s adoptive brother.

Powers: super strength and speed.

Hugh and Lucy Jenner

Relationships: each other’s te’sorthene and spouse, Lila’s and Adelaide’s parents, Alex’s adoptive parents.

Powers: Lucy – senses the essence of a person (good/bad) and tells if they’re Svatura, premonitions; Hugh – physical healing.

Charlotte and Dexter Pierce

Relationships: each other’s te’sorthene and spouse, Ramsey’s and Nate’s adoptive parents.

Powers: Charlotte – teleporter; Dexter – turns things to metal (including gold).

  • Gideon – Relationships: previous King of the Vyusher, Selene’s twin brother, Maddox’s protégé. Powers: inherited – forces people to his will and makes them think it was their idea; received – wolf metamorph.
  • OrenRelationships: Vyusher High Council member, Selene’s second father. Powers: astral-projection.
  • DesmondRelationships: Xavier’s son, Selene’s good friend. Powers: invisibility.
  • XavierRelationships: Vyusher High Council member, Desmond’s father. Powers: moves the castle to any location.
  • MaggiePowers: projects sound and the wolf pack’s verys.
  • SheilaPowers: tracker.
  • Others
    • Jason – telekinetic who can crush
    • Darius – controls earth (dirt, rocks, etc.)
    • Megan – creates a vacuum
    • Angelica – soothing presence.

Maddox’s Forces
  • MaddoxRelationships: The big bad. Gideon’s mentor and lieutenant. Powers: inherited – dragon metamorph, dream control. Received – wolf metamorph.
  • ZaraRelationships: supposedly Maddox’s te’sorthene. Powers: unknown.
  • CorinPowers: teleporter.
  • TaliaRelationships: Nate’s te’sorthene (?). Powers: feels others’ emotions, unknown.
  • Melanie – Powers: puts people in stasis/coma with a touch.
  • Others (Unnamed):
    • lasso guy
    • strong guy

Louisiana Svatura
  • MarcusRelationships: Leader of his tribe, Lila’s friend. Powers: toxic gas.
  • StephenRelationships: Marcus’s lieutenant. Powers: Creates steel bands.
  • DanePowers: inherited – bear metamorph; received – wolf metamorph.
  • SeamusPowers: inherited – lava bombs; received – wolf metamorph.
  • ArielRelationships: missing, kidnapped by Maddox and taken away. Powers: Nerve control (removed by Selene).
  • Others Named
    • James – telepath
    • Beau – alligator metamorph
    • Sylvie – creates tornadoes.
  • Others Unnamed
    • pink bubble-gum blog maker
    • 2 tiger metamorphs.

Other Characters
  • Unnamed Timening (Brazilian Svatura) – the leader of the tribe, a woman, unnamed.
  • Gustavo – Timening (Brazilian Svatura) who buries people alive.
  • Unnamed Timening (Brazilian Svatura) – anaconda shifter.
  • Unnamed African Svatura – lioness shifter.
  • Unnamed Russian Svatura – freezes (ice) with a touch.

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