The Goddesses

The world of Nova was created by the mother goddess, Nova, who then gifted each of her six daughters with a dominion to create and shape however that goddess wished. Each dominion is named after its specific goddess. Each goddess is also a patron of various elements of the world.

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Goddess / DominionAbout
ArydType of Dominion: desert

Patroness of: earth, patience, magic, & the moons
MarianaType of Dominion: subtropical maritime

Patroness of: metal, passion, music, & the sun
SavanahType of Dominion: grasslands

Patroness of: air, honesty, healing, & animals

*her twin sister is Tyndra
TropikisType of Dominion: topical rainforest

Patroness of: water, compromise, fertility, & plants
TyndraType of Dominion: tundra

Patroness of: first, knowledge, strategy, & stars

*her twin sister is Savanah
WildernyssType of Dominion: mountained boreal forests

Patroness of: wood, loyalty, art, & weather

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