HYACINTH is Now Available!!!!

I am so excited to announce that Hyacinth - book #2 of the Svatura series - is now available on Amazon Kindle! Click here to get your copy today: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BK9TMCC!!! If you haven't had a chance to read Blue Violet - book #1 of the series - it is now FREE in digital format on Amazon... Continue Reading →

Hyacinth Excerpt #5: Ramsey

Ramsey Pierce is the firestarter from Hyacinth. Tall and muscled, with dark red hair and bottle green eyes, he has an intense personality that is a hallmark of his volatile gift. In Blue Violet Ellie taught him control over his gift that probably saved his life. My Facebook followers voted almost unanimously that Ramsey is... Continue Reading →

Ellie & Alex – Wedding Plans

In honor of Valentine's Day I thought the most romantic thing I could share would be some of the plans for Ellie and Alex's wedding. They are deep into wedding planning. Let's just hope their plans don't have to change at the last minute! Ellie's Dress Ellie's a huge fan of old movies. In true... Continue Reading →

Hyacinth Book Blurb

Calling all fans of Blue Violet - help me pick the book blurb for Hyacinth! The book blurb is the description on the back of the book, or on the Amazon website, that gives you an idea of what the book is about. This tiny amount of text is incredibly important because it can often... Continue Reading →

Hyacinth Excerpt #4 – Girl’s Night Out

Selene had never felt so self-conscious in her life. Lila had managed to talk her into wearing a tiny white skirt with a striking purple top, which looked modest enough from the front, but the back was nearly non-existent, only staying put because of a few well-placed strands that crisscrossed her shoulders. Thank goodness she... Continue Reading →

Blue Violet: Who’s the Hottest Hero?

February 2013 is the Month of Hyacinth! Here's another fun little game as part of the festivities leading up to the release of book #2 of the Svatura series - Hyacinth... Game: Vote on the Hottest Hero in Blue Violet Prize: Signed paperback copy of Hyacinth! (to be mailed within 10 days of Hyacinth release) How... Continue Reading →

Name That Blue Violet Character Contest #1

Comment on this post or go vote on my Facebook page to name the character in the following quote from Blue Violet. Get it right and get entered in a drawing to win a signed paperback copy of Blue Violet. Don’t  know? Vote anyway and automatically get entered in the ‘Win a Kindle Contest'! Votes must be... Continue Reading →

February 2013 Declared the Month of HYACINTH!!!

February 28th: Hyacinth Release It's official! I've picked the date for the release of Hyacinth - the second book of the Svatura series. I am so excited that I am declaring February the month of fun contests and free giveaways leading up to the release of Hyacinth! Visit my blog, Facebook page, and Twitter page daily to get... Continue Reading →

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