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Book Cover Part #2 – Decisions, Decisions

In a previous blog post titled “Book Cover Part #1 – Getting Started” I discussed steps 1-3 (out of 5) that I am following to create the book cover for my first publication – Blue Violet – due out this August. Step 1 was researching what’s needed for a book cover – basics like size of the image, typical covers for this genre, etc.  Steps 2 and 3 … Read More Book Cover Part #2 – Decisions, Decisions

Blue Violet: Excerpt #2 – Firestarter

SPOILER ALERT:  This excerpt gives away a little something about my main character that you don’t know immediately in the book.  Read at your own discretion. A bit of background. My main character, Ellie, has the ability to control other people’s powers when she’s touching them. In this scene, Ramsey is a firestarter. They’re very rare because they can’t control their power and it … Read More Blue Violet: Excerpt #2 – Firestarter

Blue Violet: Excerpt #1 – The Beginning

I have posted an excerpt of my soon-to-be released book, Blue Violet, on Facebook. I took a poll today to see if people wanted to get a peek at either the beginning of the book, girl meets boy, or supernatural powers on display.  The vote was unanimous for the beginning of the book. **** The first day in a new school was always the … Read More Blue Violet: Excerpt #1 – The Beginning