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Hyacinth – 1st Week Out

One week has passed since I released Hyacinth – book #2 of the Svatura series – and I could not be more thrilled with the results and feedback so far!!! Not to toot my own horn… however, I am currently head of the marketing department as well as the author. The differences between launching my second versus my first book have been very interesting … Read More Hyacinth – 1st Week Out

My New Bad Habits

Wendy – my editor – and I are about half-way through our first round of content edits for Hyacinth. I will say that so far this is going much smoother than the first round of Blue Violet. With my first book, I had to do a lot of rewriting and adding and moving. Some key plot points – like establishing the tension earlier in … Read More My New Bad Habits

What I Love About Editing

I’ve mentioned before that my favorite part of the book writing process is working with my editor, Wendy. Getting edits back from her is like opening a birthday present. (Geeky to think that? Probably.) You would probably think that my favorite part is writing the book itself. And I do love that part. I love getting all the ideas in my head on paper. … Read More What I Love About Editing

What’s Different About Launching a 2nd Book?

I am on track to publish my 2nd book – Hyacinth – which is a follow-on to Blue Violet. As I get closer to publishing, I’ve realized that this book launch will be different from the first one. And I may need to do more/other activities to promote the book when I release Hyacinth. With the launch for Blue Violet I did the following … Read More What’s Different About Launching a 2nd Book?

2013… I Can Hardly Wait!!!

Ever since starting this journey in writing and publishing my own books I have discovered that I constantly feel like I’m in a state of “hurry up and wait.” It started this summer when I found my awesome editor and finally got serious about publishing my first book. First it was hurry up and wait through the various editing phases. And then it was … Read More 2013… I Can Hardly Wait!!!

Bring On the Constructive Feedback!

As an author with one book published and one on the way, I have been extremely interested in the reviews I get on my first book through various sources – amazon, goodreads, book bloggers, etc. I have been pleasantly surprised to receive ratings mostly in the 4s and 5s for Blue Violet as well as a majority of feedback that has been positive. Had … Read More Bring On the Constructive Feedback!

The Pricing Debate

I realize that it’s probably tacky to talk about money/sales/profits quite so publicly. However, as an indie author, I find this topic relevant and probably interesting to other indie authors out there. In addition, I want to ask my fans an important question related to my own books. So I’m taking a bit of risk by being very honest on this topic. I apologize for … Read More The Pricing Debate

Feeling the Pressure

This weekend I have a personal goal set to finish Hyacinth enough that it’s time to send it to Wendy, my editor. This is going to be a stretch as I’m trying to squeeze writing in between spending time with my family, working, homework and reading for my MBA program, and the holiday. The time pressure I consider to be necessary and somewhat unavoidable. … Read More Feeling the Pressure

A Book Title With Meaning

Coming up with the titles for my books has been one of my favorite exercises so far. The title is one element of my books I did not research extensively like I have most of my self-publishing tasks. I based my title selection solely on personal preference. I was very deliberate about selecting the title for Blue Violet. I knew that it would be … Read More A Book Title With Meaning

My 1st Free Kindle Promotion: How I “Sold” 6000 Books in 2 Days

I’ve just finished running my first free promotion on Kindle. Here are my initial thoughts on the experience (which far, far, far exceeded my expectations)… First of all – huge thanks to everyone who took advantage of the promotion and downloaded the book. I hope you enjoy it! And also a huge thanks to those who listed me, retweeted me, shared my FB link, etc. I really … Read More My 1st Free Kindle Promotion: How I “Sold” 6000 Books in 2 Days