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Feeling the Pressure

This weekend I have a personal goal set to finish Hyacinth enough that it’s time to send it to Wendy, my editor. This is going to be a stretch as I’m trying to squeeze writing in between spending time with my family, working, homework and reading for my MBA program, and the holiday. The time pressure I consider to be necessary and somewhat unavoidable. … Read More Feeling the Pressure

A Book Title With Meaning

Coming up with the titles for my books has been one of my favorite exercises so far. The title is one element of my books I did not research extensively like I have most of my self-publishing tasks. I based my title selection solely on personal preference. I was very deliberate about selecting the title for Blue Violet. I knew that it would be … Read More A Book Title With Meaning

My 1st Free Kindle Promotion: How I “Sold” 6000 Books in 2 Days

I’ve just finished running my first free promotion on Kindle. Here are my initial thoughts on the experience (which far, far, far exceeded my expectations)… First of all – huge thanks to everyone who took advantage of the promotion and downloaded the book. I hope you enjoy it! And also a huge thanks to those who listed me, retweeted me, shared my FB link, etc. I really … Read More My 1st Free Kindle Promotion: How I “Sold” 6000 Books in 2 Days

Developing My Characters

My first reviews for Blue Violet have been coming in lately, and so far feedback frequently centers around my characters. Here are a few excerpts from reviews: “The characters are flawed enough not to be irritating, particularly Ellie, who is an ideal heroine – strong, stubborn and loving.” – Kirsty “I grew really attached to all the characters, and I love all of them.” … Read More Developing My Characters

Keeping the Plots Straight

As I work on book #2 of the Svatura series – Hyacinth – I am discovering how tricky it is to keep all the plots straight. Every series of books that I’ve considered to be great has usually incorporated multiple plot lines. There’s always the main plot line. But then there are several subplot lines that are introduced at various points throughout the books … Read More Keeping the Plots Straight

Writing the Second Book in a Series: Hyacinth

I started this blog well after I’d written my first draft of Blue Violet and had done several rounds of editing on my own. Consequently, my blogging for the process around that book was mostly on the professional editing, publishing, and now marketing phases. I didn’t get to blog about the process of writing the book itself. Now I find myself smack dab in the … Read More Writing the Second Book in a Series: Hyacinth

The Secret (Awesome) World of Indie Authors

As I continue the journey of self publishing my first book – Blue Violet – I have discovered an entire micro-community that I now find myself a part of – the world of indie authors. Other than the few indie books I stumbled on as a reader, I had no idea how wide and deep this community would stretch. Social media – in the form … Read More The Secret (Awesome) World of Indie Authors

Reaching More Readers: Book Review Blogs

Following up on my first post on this topic, I’d like to take a moment to focus on method #2 for ways to try to reach more readers: Submit Your Book to Book Review Blogs. I have to admit that I have been sucked into the world of book blogs. Through the Writer’s Cafe, a group I belong to on LinkedIn, I discovered Book Blogs, … Read More Reaching More Readers: Book Review Blogs

Reaching More Readers: Getting Started

Now that my debut novel, Blue Violet, is released, my primary goal for this book has shifted from writing/publishing to attracting readers. Based on blogs I’ve read, and my own personal feelings, most writers will tell you that their main objective is to reach readers (and give them a positive reading experience). The side-benefit of that goal is making enough money to sustain the habit. Whether that means just covering the expenses of editing … Read More Reaching More Readers: Getting Started

1st Book Published… Now What?

In case you can’t tell from my various posts, let me tell you that I am beyond thrilled to have my first book – Blue Violet – finally published. I wrote the first draft almost three years ago, and to have it available for readers, rather than just talking about how I want to publish a book, is almost surreal. It has been especially fun to have … Read More 1st Book Published… Now What?