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Book Cover Part 1 – Getting Started

As I travel down this path of publishing my first book – Blue Violet – I now find myself at the point of creating a book cover. Every blog post, article, and website I’ve seen so far has stressed the importance of a good book cover. According to a Taleist report, authors who got outside help with issues such as editing and cover design … Read More Book Cover Part 1 – Getting Started

Getting Your Writing Un-Stuck

While I am still in the process of editing (and soon self publishing!) my first book – Blue Violet – I am also in the process of writing the follow-on book – Hyacinth. A few nights ago while writing, I got utterly and completely stuck. I’m talking full on, dead-in-my-tracks, stuck. I honestly could not figure out how to get my characters from point A to point … Read More Getting Your Writing Un-Stuck

Writing Readable Romance

Writing romance scenes is possibly one of my biggest weaknesses as a writer. So this blog entry is not a “how to” by any stretch of the imagination. This is more of a “come commiserate with me” moment. The ironic thing is that romance books were my first love when it comes to what I prefer to read. My mom had an entire bookshelf … Read More Writing Readable Romance

Take a Walk in My Shoes

As a wife and mother of two, a full-time business analyst, an EMBA student, and an aspiring author, a question I am frequently asked is… how do I balance my life and manage to fit it all in?  The answer is… I don’t. Every single day something gets missed, gets neglected, gets left until tomorrow, or falls off the “to do” list entirely. Take … Read More Take a Walk in My Shoes

Stop, Rewind, Redo – Examples of Edits

My first full round of editing with Wendy is complete (wahoo!) – received, applied, and full post-application read through – check, check, and check. The updated manuscript for Blue Violet is now in her capable hands for round two of the editing process. I’ve already blogged about some of the more frequent and favorite edits and comments I received from Wendy during round one. I thought … Read More Stop, Rewind, Redo – Examples of Edits

The Devil’s in the Details

I have finished my first round of edits with Wendy (Yay!).  During the editing process I added enough stuff, moved enough stuff, and changed enough stuff that I am doing one full read through of the entire manuscript before I send it back to Wendy for round two. Now… I have to admit, that I’ve always wondered how storytellers could get details, sometimes just small ones, so … Read More The Devil’s in the Details

Writing a Book – How I Finally Finished One

As I mentioned in a previous post, I wrote my debut book, Blue Violet, two years ago.  It was the first time I’d finished a full book. I’d taken a whack at writing a book about ten times before. With Blue Violet I finally found the method that works best for me! In previous attempts, I tried to write in a linear fashion. In other words, I … Read More Writing a Book – How I Finally Finished One

Editing – Next Best Thing to Writing

A little history first… Blue Violet – this book that I am so diligently working to publish – I actually wrote about two years ago.  It practically flew onto the pages.  And then I hit the editing phase and… slowed…. wwwaaaayyyy…. doowwnnn. Let’s be honest, editing your own work sucks.  You’ve already been so deep into it that it’s hard to disconnect and really … Read More Editing – Next Best Thing to Writing

Surviving Self-Publishing with Delirious Optimism

Before I ever became a writer, I was (and continue to be) first and foremost a lover of stories.  I am a voracious consumer of stories in all their forms: books – from multiple genres, movies – from the silent era on up, history lectures – I minored in history, story time at the local library – don’t knock it, and even business analysis … Read More Surviving Self-Publishing with Delirious Optimism

Writing a Hella Good Book Description

I am working on a kick ass book description. It will be the first thing people read on Kindle when deciding if they want to buy the book or not.  I have to say that I’m struggling with this task a bit.  Here’s what’s making it tricky… The book, titled Blue Violet, is paranormal (with a little romance thrown in too).  Sort of X-men meets Twilight … Read More Writing a Hella Good Book Description