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Patreon is a tiered subscription service that allows creative content makers to provide subscribers with even more exclusive content. It is a fantastic way to support a favorite author while at the same time getting lots of cool stuff in return!


I love writing. I love interacting with readers who love my characters and worlds. I love doing even more things with my characters and worlds. All of this means that I’m constantly creating additional content of all sorts – bookmarks, character and world art, teasers, excerpts, scenes from alternate POVs, bonus scenes, behind the scenes, and whatnot. In addition, I’m constantly putting together giveaways of signed books, or ebook packs, or book boxes with all sorts of cute stuff.

Frequently readers reach out asking how they can get items from giveaways if they didn’t win or get signed copies of books etc. But (total honesty here) I can’t personally afford (both in time and $) to giveaway most of these things to everyone who wants one. I wish I could!

Don’t worry if you’d rather not subscribe! I’ll still be posting content regularly in all the places I’ve been doing. No missing out on the important stuff!

But if you are interested in a getting extra (or you would simply love to support a favorite author in this way)…


You can choose your own membership/subscription/tier/patronage level based on what you’re most interested in receiving on a monthly basis including early access, behind-the-scene, exclusive content, book and swag mailings, and more! Each level gets ALL of the things in the pervious tier level(s) plus even more.

You can see what’s available in each tier and read more about how this works…


Thank you so much for your interest. Your support means the world to me, and I hope you will love what you receive in return!!!

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