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Black Orchid (Svatura #4) | Chapter 1

“Lila!” Adelaide Jenner screamed the panicked word into her sister’s mind.

Lila was in the middle of explaining to the High Council her part in the most recent battle with their enemies. The debriefing had been going on for the past week. Technically, Adelaide wasn’t supposed to interrupt. The purpose of the meeting was to figure out how to defeat Maddox, a powerful dragon metamorph whose main goal in life appeared to be the annihilation of any Svatura who didn’t follow him. They’d fought him more times than Adelaide cared to remember, and they’d yet to defeat him despite all the extraordinary powers on their side. Maddox always managed to stay one step ahead.

But right now, Adelaide needed her sister. To hell with the debriefing.

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Crimson Dahlia (Svatura #3) | Chapter 1

Lila couldn’t get warm in the damp, cold space where their captors held them. She assumed they were underground, given the rough stone walls and floor and the constant smell of damp earth and rock. A harsh fluorescent light in the hallway filtered into their cell through the barred window in the door. The constant hum of the bulb, which drowned out the more peaceful sound of trickling water, had become a minor form of torture.

“Ugh,” a male voice groaned beside her. “I can hear your teeth rattling in your head. If I promise not to think impure thoughts, will you swallow your darn pride and get over here and snuggle with me?”

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White Hyacinth (Svatura #2) | Chapter 1

Selene jerked awake and clutched at the sweat-soaked bed sheets. Her breath came in panting bursts, and her heart refused to slow its furious pounding. A low, animalistic groan sounded from deep within. Moonlight slanted across her bed in pale streamers, illuminating the darkness around her, but Selene could only see the images that filled her mind in terror-filled flashes.

The nightmare had started the same as all the others….

She was in her wolf form, which was always different than her human self—enhanced sight and more sensitive hearing, attuned to the sounds of the night, and her point of view was lower to the ground.

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Blue Violet (Svatura #1) | Chapter 1

“You can’t go!”

Ellie Aubrey closed her eyes briefly, then opened them and resumed her packing.

“I have to,” she said quietly.

She moved from where her suitcase lay on her bed, half-full, to the old-fashioned wardrobe that held the rest of her clothes. Grabbing another handful, she dared a glance at her twin brother Griffin, then immediately wished she hadn’t. He stood rigid in her doorway, his face a mixture of anger, fear, and pain.

Ellie swallowed and resumed her packing.

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