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Try As I Smite (Brimstone Inc. #4) | Chapter 1

TryAsISmite-mock-v1News of a mage going mad and lashing out with magic would typically raise alarms, but today, yet another such report in his hands was the least of Alasdair Blakesley’s worries.

A bigger problem had just walked into his office.

His long-time personal assistant, Agnes. She entered laden with a tray. Presumably his lunch.

“Thai today,” she sang out.

He had no idea what alerted him that something was seriously wrong. The tone of her voice probably. Serious, semi-snappy Agnes did not use a singsongy voice. Ever.

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The Blood King (Inferno Rising #2) | Chapter 1

Nothing But Trouble by Amy Andrews“The time has come.”

At the sound of her mother’s voice, Skylar Amon jerked her head up from the computer screen she’d been staring at. She’d been studying for her next-level pilot’s exam, having completed her final hours needed. But everything in front of her faded as she focused on those words in her mind, a telepathic communication.

Mom is afraid.

That alone petrified Skylar, freezing every thought, every muscle. Their mother was never afraid, always knew what to do. Skylar’s heart stopped cold, then slammed against her chest in an attempt to leave her to deal with this alone.

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Bait N’ Witch (Brimstone Inc. #3) | Chapter 1


Rowan pulled her borrowed truck up the gravel drive and parked in front of a rustic mountain cabin.

She frowned. This couldn’t be right, could it?

It took a second to realize she’d lifted her foot off the brake, the truck rolling forward like it, too, wanted to escape from here.

t’d been a long time since she’d had to follow directions to travel anywhere. Too bad she couldn’t use her teleporting skills like usual. But witches who had to get jobs as nannies weren’t supposed to possess that kind of power. If she was going to pull this off, she had to pretend she had minimal magical abilities and not show her true capabilities.

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Shift Out of Luck (Brimstone Inc. #2) | Chapter 1

ShiftOutofLuck-mock-v4Tala hurled a knife at the target twenty feet away and pictured her mate’s head.

Her mate.

It had been a month. Thirty-ish days of the most amazing, hot-as-sin, give-and-take nights followed by the most hair-rending, teeth-gnashing, beyond frustrating days.

Ironic, those nights, given how her own pack had written her off as a frigid ice queen before. She’d been too focused on becoming alpha to give men much thought until now.


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The Demigod Complex (Brimstone Inc. #1) | Chapter 1

TheDemigodComplex-500Lyleia Naiad stared at the white envelope sitting on her desk, trying to pluck up the courage to march into her boss’s office and hand it to him.

Suck it up, and just do it.

Just resign. Give her two weeks’ notice and walk away. Not as easy as it sounded. She’d been trying for two weeks to pluck up the courage. The trouble was she didn’t really want to leave. She loved her job. It had given her life a sense of purpose.

But she had to disappear again.


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The Enforcer (Fire’s Edge #3) | Chapter 1

TheEnforcer-500Fire raged below Drake in glowing streaks across the greens and tans of the California countryside, black smoke billowing into the blue skies. The heat couldn’t reach him here where he hovered, a useless observer thanks to daylight hours. Damn his blood-red scales that made it impossible to not be discovered when closer to the ground. At least the scales on his underside reflected the sky above him, allowing him to camouflage this high up. As every dragon shifter could do.


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The Wolf I Want for Christmas | Chapter 1

TheWolfIWantforChristmas-AfterAnthologyThe sharp knock on Shyla’s door was not expected…which meant not wanted.

She frowned as she cautiously approached, her socked feet silent on the hardwood floors of her cozy cabin. She knew for a fact that no deliveries were happening today, and no plans had been made for visitors. Her friends and family knew to call ahead.

So, what the hell?

“Shyla?” a deep, instantly recognizable voice sounded—a voice she hadn’t heard in ten years. “It’s Cade Campbell. Sean sent me over.”

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The Rogue King (Inferno Rising #1) | Chapter 1

TheRogueKing_500-newThe scent of raw meat, tinged with a putrid rotting, curled around Serefina, filling her nostrils and awakening a memory she would have sooner forgotten.

At least he’d waited to confront her until after closing, when she was the last person left in the place. Her hands shook even as they slowed in the mundane task of clearing one of the handful of linoleum-topped tables in the small, rural Kansas diner where she worked. Where she pretended to be just another human and not who and what she truly was…


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The Rookie (Fire’s Edge #2) | Chapter 1

TheRookie-revise“Watch your six, rookie.”

His Alpha’s voice sounded in Aidan’s head through the telepathic link all dragon shifters shared. Urgency cut through the words like shattered glass.

“Bank left,” Finn yelled before Aidan could check over his shoulder for what could be coming at him.

Training, instinct, and total trust kicked in. Without a blink of hesitation…


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The Boss (Fire’s Edge #1) | Chapter 1

TheBoss_500My mate.

Finn Conleth had never experienced wonder, but this moment, looking down at the sweet, gentle human woman the fates had deigned to grant him as a mate, must’ve been it.

Fear niggled at the back of his mind, but he pushed it away. This woman was a rare and precious thing. Fewer were discovered each year, especially for his clan. And not every attempt worked, resulting in deaths…

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The Mate (Fire’s Edge Prequel)| Chapter 1

TheMate_1600What the hell am I doing here?

The thought crossed Fallon’s mind for the thousandth time since the Mating Council notified him last week that his family brand had shown up on a new mate…and he was one of the possible matches.

Hands stuffed in the pockets of his pants, feeling like a puffed-up tool in his designer suit, Fallon strolled down the lavish gold-gilded hallway. His uncomfortable dress shoes tapped against the marble flooring with a loud, echoing click, click, click.

A mate. For him?

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Psyched| Chapter 1

Psyched-ForFreebies-750How had she gotten herself in yet another rough situation? Maybe she was a jinx? Or an all-things-evil magnet?

I try to be a good person, help out my fellow man, keep my nose clean, and all that. And what do I get for it? A bucket full of trouble everywhere I go.

Quinn’s mind spun on a continuous loop as she sat in the high-traffic coffee shop across the street from where she worked, waiting to meet her rescuers. Outside the large windows, New York City bustled by, all intent on getting where they were going for the workday. Many were sweating in the summer heat. Inside, she tuned out all the conversations, both spoken and mental, with practiced ease.

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Seneca’s Faith (Shadowcat Nation #4) | Chapter 1

SenecasFaith_w10996_750Consciousness returned along with a pounding headache and raging case of dry mouth. On the flip side, these two unpleasant realities were nicely balanced by the sound of Gage’s sexy voice murmuring in her ear.

Seneca smiled and snuggled deeper under the covers, unwilling to let go of any dream involving Gage McAvoy. A guarded part of her mind warned her she shouldn’t entertain any fantasies where he was concerned—after all, he was getting married to her sister—but she ignored the inner caution.

“Come on, gorgeous. That’s it.”

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Tieryn’s Fury (Shadowcat Nation #3) | Chapter 1

TierynsFury_w10211_750 (1)“There’s no way Callahan will ever find out who was involved.”

“His wife is dead. You don’t think he’ll want payback?”

Although the wall Shane was attempting to listen through muffled the conversation, he caught the gist of it. The words, uttered by two men Shane Callahan had once considered friends, slammed through him.

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Sarai’s Fortune (Shadowcat Nation #2) | Chapter 1

SaraisFortune_w9602_750Sarai shivered as the chill from the early morning air seeped into her bones. A faint mist swirled through the surrounding trees, leaving drops of dew on the grass, and clinging to her clothes and hair. Sarai ignored the discomfort and concentrated on her training.

The sun wasn’t quite up and the only light came from the large mansion-like compound at her back. Sarai stood at the edge of the sparring mat, facing a dummy across the way. She focused on her target, threw, then hissed through her teeth, unhappy with her aim. She was off her game today. She knew why. With a deep breath, she forced the thoughts plaguing her to the back of her mind and instead focused on the moment.

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Andromeda’s Fall (Shadowcat Nation #1) | Chapter 1

AndromedasFall_w9277_750 (1)Andie crouched low in the underbrush, obscured from view, and watched the compound with a quiet patience born of experience. If her calculations were correct, the next patrol of guards would pass by within the minute. Her posture and expression didn’t shift an inch when, seconds later, she was proven correct.

As soon as the sentry passed from sight, Andie moved like a shadow through the stillness of the night. Ignoring the pain in her body, she sprinted across the lawn and was up and over the wall. She dropped to the ground on the other side with a barely audible thud.

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Hannah’s Fate (Shadowcat Nation Prequel) | Chapter 1

HannahsFate-750“Nick Jensen’s back. Have you seen him yet?”

Hannah’s ears perked up. She was scrunched down in a high-backed chair, so the two women who’d just entered the common room had no idea she was there. When she recognized Stella’s high-pitched voice, she pulled her legs up and made herself as small as she could.

“Mmmmm…and he’s even yummier now than he was before, if that’s possible,” Cathie, Stella’s wingman—or wing woman—said. Hannah cringed. She wasn’t sure which of them she disliked more.

“I heard he hasn’t taken a Mate yet,” Cathie continued.

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