Check out some of my fun/goofy quizzes. All of these are related to my books in some way:


Which Dragon Clan Are You?

A leader and a tank of a fighter from the Red Clan? Loyal and the stealthiest of the dragons from the Black Clan? Courageous and the fastest flyers from the Blue Clan? Compassionate and the most agile flyers from the Green Clan? Disciplined and the strongest from the Gold Clan? Or resilient and built for long distance flying from the White Clan?

Red, Black, Blue, Green, Gold, or White… Let’s find out!

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What Kind of Shifter Are You?

Shifters are humans who have the ability to shift into another form – usually an animal of some kind. Shifters are the focus of the Shadowcat Nation Series. Take this quiz to find out what kind of shifter you would be in the Shadowcat Nation world!

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What Kind of Kuharte Are You?

In the Shadowcat Nation world, a handful of the shifters have an additional supernatural power. These supernaturally-gifted shifters are called Kuharte, an Iroquois term that means “through a light” and was selected because Healers glow when they heal. If you were Kuharte, what kind would you be?

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Which Shadowcat Nation Hero Is Your Perfect Man?

The men of the Shadowcat Nation are all Alpha males and shifters. Each one is sexy, powerful, strong, and gorgeous. Find out which one is your best match! Nick, AJ, Zac, Shane, or Gage?

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Which Hero of the Svatura is Your Perfect Match?

The Shadowcat Nation is a series of paranormal romance novels by Abigail Owen published by The Wild Rose Press. The men of the Svatura are each sexy, powerful, strong, and gorgeous. Find out which one is your best match! Alex, Griffin, Ramsey, or Nate?

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What’s Your Svatura Power?

In the Svatura series of books by Abigail Owen, Svatura are people who possess extraordinary supernatural abilities. Take this quiz to find out what kind of Svatura power you would have?

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