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Looky-looky! I’ve teamed up with other awesome paranormal romance authors from Entangled to bring you a holiday treat! 6 holiday paranormal romance stories for only $0.99!

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Baby, it’s cold outside…

Cozy up and get lost in supernatural worlds of shifters, gods, Atlanteans, werewolves, witches, and more… A holiday treat guaranteed to jingle your bells!

CHRISTMAS AFTER DARK is a boxed set anthology of novellas from six of the hottest paranormal romance authors out there.

Warning: Christmas After Dark contains alpha heroes, sassy heroines, sizzling connections, holiday traditions, wicked intentions, snow and mistletoe, heart-racing suspense, and a little something naughty (but not too naughty, because we don’t want to bump you off the nice list). And it’s our gift to you…

Available 11.15.2019 thru 1.15.2020 ONLY


Christmas in Atlantis by Alyssa Day:
Warrior-turned-pirate, Dare is the black sheep of all Atlantis, and black sheep and scoundrels can never deserve love. But it’s the season of miracles in Atlantis. A chance to make wishes come true.  And when Lyric, an artist who sees the world through song, tells her new Atlantean friends O Henry’s story of The Gift of the Magi, the world—and Lyric and Dare—may never be the same.

Bewitched Before Christmas by Nina Croft:
Christmas is a time to spend with family, but Lola’s don’t seem to want her back. Instead, she’s stuck in the wilds of Scotland under the protection of Lachlan MacNair, a blood-sucking monster, who’s determined to make sure she has the sorriest Christmas ever. Things go from bad to much, much worse when Lola sees a vision of herself kissing Lachlan, under the mistletoe.
 Lola is a powerful witch and her visions of the future always come true. Until now. Because this one… Never. Going. To. Happen.

The Lone Wolf’s Wish by Lisa Kessler:
Shane Dodd has lost everything, his Pack, his home, and hope. His only wish this Christmas is to live long enough to exact revenge on the Nero assassin he believes killed his Pack. But when he steps between a bullet and Piper Holland everything changes. The woman dressed as one of Santa’s elves is his mate, and she ignites a flame in his heart. But hope and love are dangerous wishes for a lone wolf.

Shifting Seasons by Sheryl Nantus:
Cassie Nyre is looking forward to a quiet and lonely Christmas—until she finds an injured animal on the way home. Her big heart has her bring the hurt otter into her home and into her bathtub, to rest until Christmas Day when she can deliver it to Animal Control. But the next morning she finds a semi-naked man in her bathroom—and it’s not Santa Claus!

Bewitch You a Merry Christmas by Juliette Cross:
With a Christmas curse to break and a Karaoke party to plan, all Evie really wants is time with her werewolf boyfriend. Private time. All-night-in-his-arms time. But as hex-breaker of the Savoie Sisters coven, the most powerful in New Orleans, she needs to take care of business and family favors first. After that, Mateo Cruz and his broody, sexy self is all hers.

The Wolf I Want for Christmas by Abigail Owen:
Cade Campbell has spent ten years in hiding, preparing to return to his small town, the pack his uncle stole from him…and the mate who doesn’t know she’s been waiting for him. When he shows up on Shyla’s doorstep a few days before Christmas he discovers the sweet, quiet girl he grew up with is all woman. The problem is she’s become a loner, is obsessively neat, and allergic to dogs. Bad news for this wolf. Still, Cade’s not giving up on her or on taking his rightful place as alpha. Maybe this year Santa could finally get things right.


Just like in high school, her expression immediately blanked, as if she’d thrown up a steel wall between them. “Thanks for the offer, but I’ll call the plumber in town, if you don’t mind. I’m sure you’re…busy.”

She turned to the hall, obviously walking him to the door, and he forced himself to grab his shoes and follow. He minded a hell of a lot, actually, but he wouldn’t push. He’d seen other men try to force their mates to the realization before they were ready, and it hadn’t gone well.

At the door he turned to face her. “Suit yourself.”

“I always do.”

“Aww, sweetheart,” he sighed. “You shouldn’t have said that.”

When had she learned to talk back like that? Quiet and shy, like her name, the girl he’d known wouldn’t have said boo to a mouse.

“What? Why?” Her eyes went wide and wary, but he didn’t miss the spark of interest or the surge of color in her cheeks. Or the way her heart tripped over itself. His wolf pushed against his skin in answer to those tells. He wanted to play.

Not yet, he told the animal inside. “Didn’t anyone tell you not to challenge a wolf?”

An alpha wolf couldn’t resist a challenge, and he’d learned the hard way that he couldn’t resist his nature. Slowly, not wanting to scare her, he lowered his head. A heartbeat before touching his lips to hers, he caught her small intake of breath. That one sound sent him over the edge, and, with a groan, he claimed his prize, kissing the unexpected sass from her lips.

Shyla was warm, and bittersweet, like dark chocolate against his tongue with a hint of apples. Damned if it didn’t take every ounce of his tattered control to keep from dragging her against him and then up the stairs.

Mate, his wolf growled in his head. Claim. Take. Change.

Not yet, Cade tried to sooth the animal, now pacing. Too soon.

He lifted his head and had to stifle a smile at the way she slowly blinked her eyes open, visibly dazed. The gold in her brown eyes did shine when she was turned on.

And she was turned on. No doubting that.

But if he told her she was his mate, she’d run a country mile to get away. Shyla lived alone in the middle of nowhere. Her habit of counting, and all the locks, and the pristine state of her house which smelled strongly of bleach, told him enough. Somewhere along the line, after he’d gone, Shyla’s general anxiety that she’d always dealt with as a kid had turned into full-blown OCD.

Unable to help himself, he traced her bottom lip with his thumb.


He needed to leave before his wolf took the decision out of his hands. “Call me when the plumber tells you it’s too cold to dig and I’ll come out and help.”

Walking away hurt almost worse than the day he’d left town.



Halloween Decorating Obsession

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The Mate in Audiobook!!!


Texas Book Festival 2019


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If you haven’t already joined, what are you waiting for?

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Return to La Grange

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Heart of ATX Romance Reading Salon 2019



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Entangled in the City (NYC)

Every once in a while, my author life takes an unexpected and pretty dang awesome turn. This October was one of those.

New York City

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Which Dragon Shifter is the Best Kisser?

*Originally posted on Fresh Fiction, July 2019!

Can you judge a man by the way he kisses?

A kiss is a personal thing, made even more so by how a man feels about the person he is kissing. As a reader looking for the next great book boyfriend, what kind of kisses peak your interest? Soft and slow? Hard an demanding? Tension filled and fierce? Tender and loving?

With my newest dragon shifter book—The Rogue King—out now, I thought I’d let you vote for which of the heroes in my two crossover shifter series—Fire’s Edge and Inferno Rising—you would want most for a book boyfriend…based on the way he kisses.

Here are the first kisses between each hero and heroine in each book. Vote below. Which is your fav?


Fallon & Maddie – The Mate (Fire’s Edge Prequel)

TheMate_1600Without turning his head away, Fallon addressed the Council. “I’m sorry, gentlemen. I’m afraid I have to break the rules to prove something to my mate.”

Maddie’s lips parted on an indignant gasp at his arrogant assumptions. “You don’t know that I’m your—”

She got no further. Fallon yanked her into his arms and claimed her lips in a kiss that immediately burned white hot, like her body remembered after just that one kiss months ago. After a second of shock, when she held still under his touch, long enough that he even started to let her go, she let out a small whimper and pressed closer. She opened for him as he brushed her lips with his tongue. A year of pent up longing poured between them. Her body ached with a need that tumbled through her like an earthquake.

A need to be claimed and to claim in return.

A cleared throat brought her back to reality with a frustrating thump, and Fallon pulled back, staring down at her with eyes pulsing with flame. “I may have acted casual, and let you go, but I promise what I was feeling was the opposite.”


Finn & Delaney – The Boss (Fire’s Edge #1)

TheBoss_500She dropped her gaze to his lips and he knew, he knew, where this was going. He scrabbled to draw back his fire and the heat flowing between them, afraid he was influencing her in some way. It was no use. With a whimper, she closed the distance between them and placed her lips over his in a kiss that shot straight through his torn soul.

They both moaned.

Delaney pressed into him with a murmur, melting under in his hands, opening her mouth to his in a way that sent him over the edge. The beast had already unfurled inside him, that bone-deep instinct to claim took over, and he deepened the kiss, taking her mouth like he’d been fighting not to since pulling her out of that barn.

The situation was spiraling out of control and Finn was powerless to stop it.

Did he want to?

Her lips were beautiful under his—warm, enticing, and lush. So soft. So fucking soft. Need stoking hotter than a wildfire in an instant, he slipped his tongue between those sweet lips.

She tasted of mint and strawberries.

Gods help him, he was lost.


Aidan & Sera – The Rookie (Fire’s Edge #2)

TheRookie-reviseHe stepped in close and bracketed her face in his hands in a way that real life Aidan would never, ever do, but she wanted him too much to quibble. “It couldn’t be…” he murmured.

Then, with no warning, he claimed her mouth in the softest kiss. Familiarity was an undercurrent to stark want, her body short-circuiting her mind.

Before she could lean in, though, Aidan jerked away. “We shouldn’t.”

She slowly blinked, the haze of need still blanketing her. Oh, God. Not again. She swallowed. “You don’t want me?”

Denial—of her or the words, she wasn’t sure—tightened the skin over his cheekbones. Those thick dark eyebrows lowering, and tension riding his body like electricity as he stared at her.

Damn,” Aidan groaned and yanked her against him. He possessed her lips, his arms plastering her against the length of his body.

Aidan’s kiss wasn’t just about a connection, it was about acknowledging it.




“What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Titus’s harsh voice exploded in the brisk air. Like a guilty teenager caught by his girl’s father, Aidan jumped back from her, leaving Sera to shiver at the unexpected loss.


Brand & Kasia – The Rogue King (Inferno Rising #1)

TheRogueKing_500-new“Don’t kill me for this.”


He pressed his lips to hers, soft at first, then harder. Kasia gasped as relief swirled through her body with a sudden blazing need. She opened herself up to him in an instant, and Brand slipped his tongue inside her mouth, tangling with hers in the most delicious way.

At the same time, a pulling sensation captured her attention.

Wait. Was Brand drawing her fire into himself?

But she didn’t have time to process the implications, because he deepened the kiss, obliterating her agony. Whimpering, Kasia threw herself into a sensation unlike any she’d ever experienced. Maybe the pain had addled her perception, but something about Brand’s kisses, being in his arms, felt…right.

Or maybe that was all her X-rated fantasies about the man in her visions kicking in.

With a low groan that sounded more like a growl, Brand backed off, slowing her down, and she opened her mouth to protest, only to gasp as a lance of pain returned.

“I don’t want you to regret going too far when you’re like this,” he said.


Based on these kisses, which man would be your choice of book boyfriend?

  • Fallon
  • Finn
  • Aidan
  • Brand