PRISM Award Winner! | The Boss

I am thrilled to announce that The Boss (Fire’s Edge #1) won the Dark Paranormal category for the 2019 PRISM Award!


Thrilled and shocked and honestly humbled. I read the finalist books and wow what a fantastic group of books to be included with. Readers, check out the list below and read them all. You will thank me!

A book is never written in a vacuum and I have people to thank! Continue reading “PRISM Award Winner! | The Boss”

The Rogue King | Chapter 1 Excerpt

The Rogue King (Inferno Rising #1) | Chapter 1


The scent of raw meat, tinged with a putrid rotting, curled around Serefina, filling her nostrils and awakening a memory she would have sooner forgotten.


At least he’d waited to confront her until after closing, when she was the last person left in the place. Her hands shook even as they slowed in the mundane task of clearing one of the handful of linoleum-topped tables in the small, rural Kansas diner where she worked. Where she pretended to be just another human and not who and what she truly was. Continue reading “The Rogue King | Chapter 1 Excerpt”


FREE Anthology | Sexy Supernatural Summer

A Paranormal Romance Multi-Author Anthology


Spend your sultry summer nights getting lost in supernatural worlds of shifters, demigods, werewolves, nymphs, vampires, muses, witches, demons, and more…

Sexy Supernatural Summer is a boxed set of short stories from six of the hottest paranormal romance authors out there.

Warning: Sexy Supernatural Summer contains alpha heroes, sassy heroines, sizzling connections, wicked intentions, heart-racing suspense, and a little something naughty (but not too naughty). And it’s our gift to you…

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2019 PRISM Award Finalist | The Boss

I am thrilled to announce that The Boss (Fire’s Edge #1) is a finalist in the Dark Paranormal category for the 2019 PRISM Award!


The PRISM is contest is held annually by the Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal (FF&P) chapter of RWA (Romance Writers of America) – one of the awesome online chapters to which I belong. The contest is for any authors (not just chapter members) who wish to enter published novels or novellas in various categories. Multiple judges then read and score every submission. Continue reading “2019 PRISM Award Finalist | The Boss”


Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions

I find that between interviews, podcasts, and conversations with people who find out I’m a romance writer, that there are several common questions that invariably pop up in every one of these moments. Here are my top 10 most frequently asked questions (and answers).  Continue reading “Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions”


Game of Thrones: Lessons for Writers

You know I couldn’t not comment on #GameOfThrones now that it’s ended. And, no matter what I think of the ending itself, I have to say that the writing on this show has been phenomenal. Otherwise, people wouldn’t have tuned in in droves and obsessed over what they thought would happen.

Most of that is due to the fantastic material George R. R. Martin provided as the base (and I could write several more posts about what writers could learn from his writing). But it also took visionaries to convert that large pool of material into TV-worthy tightness and to see beyond to where the books haven’t gone.

Today I want to look at what writers can learn from the TV show. Agree? Disagree? Have your own? Weigh in! Continue reading “Game of Thrones: Lessons for Writers”

RONE Award Nominee – Please Vote!

015-6x9-Book-Ereader-Mockup-COVERVAULT-FiresEdgeI am thrilled to announce that THE BOSS has been nominated for the 2019 InD’tale RONE Awards! Continue reading “RONE Award Nominee – Please Vote!”

The Rookie | Chapter 1 Excerpt

The Rookie (Fire’s Edge #2) – Chapter 1 Excerpt


TheRookie-revise“Watch your six, rookie.”

His Alpha’s voice sounded in Aidan’s head through the telepathic link all dragon shifters shared. Urgency cut through the words like shattered glass.

“Bank left,” Finn yelled before Aidan could check over his shoulder for what could be coming at him. Continue reading “The Rookie | Chapter 1 Excerpt”


New Release | The Rookie


Playing with dragons with only get you burned.



To escape exile, Aidan Paytah has had to prove himself worthy. Every second of every damn day. He fought with everything he had to earn his precarious place on the Huracán team of dragon shifter enforcers. He can’t fail or afford distractions, no matter how temptingly sweet. Total loyalty to the clans and dedication to his team is the only way.

Sera Morrison lost her parents and her husband in short order, leaving her a single mother running her family winery alone. Nothing could ever have prepared her for the discovery that she’s a destined dragon mate. But once she finds out, there’s only one man she wants—the one who walks away.

However, the Alliance Council has its own agenda. They want to use her as a political pawn and force a mating that could ultimately kill her to save the High King. Aidan has no choice but to kidnap her, even if it means their close proximity reinforces their own mating bond. And mating with him could end up being a far worse fate for Sera… Continue reading “New Release | The Rookie”


The Boss – $0.99 – Limited Time Only

To celebrate the upcoming release of The Rookie, I’ve put The Boss on sale for only $0.99 for a limited time only.

When: April 12-22
Where: All eBook Retailers (see below)
What: The Boss (Fire’s Edge #1)
Price: $0.99 (boom!)

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