Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer Choice Awards – WINNER


My Paranormal Valentine | FREE Anthology | Feb 2019 ONLY




Seven of the top paranormal romance authors writing today have joined together to bring you a set of first-in-series novels to help you celebrate Valentine’s Day in style – with your very own paranormal Valentine. Continue reading “My Paranormal Valentine | FREE Anthology | Feb 2019 ONLY”


Holidays or Traditions in World Building

Today is February 2nd. You know what that means. Groundhog Day!


Every year, my husband is so excited to get to rewatch the cult classic movie. That’s our Groundhog Day tradition. Maybe one year we’ll actually go to Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania to experience the day in style and in person.

Anyway, Continue reading “Holidays or Traditions in World Building”


The Rogue King | Cover Reveal (+ Giveaway)

OMG this cover! Just take a moment to soak it in (fans self). As usual, I am blown away by KAM Design and Entangled. The covers for the Fire’s Edge & now Inferno Rising series are just gorgeous! Continue reading “The Rogue King | Cover Reveal (+ Giveaway)”


Worst Writing Advice I Ever Got

Worst writing advice I ever got? Honestly, this is a hard question because if someone is giving it as advice, it’s because that tip worked for them, or is a standard for most, if not all, writers.

For me, just like in most life situations, there is no BAD advice. There is advice that is given with bad intentions, or without all the information, or with a perspective that doesn’t work for the situation. Those can all apply to writing, too. There is also taking good advice and going way overboard.


That is what I find happens the most with writing. Taking a good rule, and being so rigid or methodical about it that you end up with bad writing or a boring story.

Here a few examples… Continue reading “Worst Writing Advice I Ever Got”

Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer Choice Awards – PLEASE VOTE

PRG 2018 RCA graphicI am thrilled to announce that I am a nominee for the Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewer Choice Awards.

Throughout the year, I submit my paranormal romance publications to them for reviews. At the end of each year, the reviewers narrow down their list of reviews to those they felt were the best of the year. Then those books are put up for reader voting.

015-6x9-Book-Ereader-Mockup-COVERVAULT-FiresEdgeIf you loved The Boss and my Fire’s Edge series, please help me out by voting!

  • The Boss – Romance/Paranormal/Fantasy – Vampires/Shifters Books
  • Fire’s Edge – Romance/Paranormal/Fantasy – Vampires/Shifters Series


(Sorry about the scrolling business. You’ll have to look for my cover.)


The Boss – $0.99 Kindle Daily Deal – Today ONLY

Amazon Kindle readers, listen up, because this is for you. Each day Amazon picks a handful of books to promote at a lower price. I am thrilled to announce that Amazon picked The Boss for a Kindle Daily Deal today!

When: Friday, January 18th ONLY
Where: Amazon Kindle Daily Deals
What: The Boss (Fire’s Edge #1)
Price: $0.99 (boom!)

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How Far Back?

How far back does your earliest memory go?

My most vivid memories start around the ages of seven and eight. Before that, it’s mostly snippets or specific moments. Special occasions like Christmases and birthdays. Family visits. Tea parties my mother would put on for my neighborhood friends. My first watch–Mickey Mouse. The different houses we lived in before settling in Texas.

GrandmotherMy very first memory, though, goes all the way back to when I was probably about two years old, at a guess, and involves my grandmother. Continue reading “How Far Back?”


Cheat Sheet for Great Beginnings

Beginnings and endings are my favorite parts of books to write. Not just because with one I am starting a new exciting journey and the other I’m finally crossing the finish line. Endings we’ll talk about another time, but beginnings…

Beginnings I love because I get to use a relatively small amount of real estate to get readers invested while setting up the entire rest of the story.  I’m not talking about the first page, but the first roughly 10%. Sounds like a lot, but it’s not. Which is what makes it so exciting as a writer. It’s a challenge I love to dig into.

In the beginning

So… what goes into writing a great beginning? Continue reading “Cheat Sheet for Great Beginnings”


Favorite Thing I’ve Written

My favorite thing I’ve written in the paranormal romance genre isn’t quite out yet. The good news is…it releases this year!


The Rogue King will be the first book in my Inferno Rising series featuring dragon shifters. In addition, this series blends with/shows a different piece of the same world as my Fire’s Edge series. Fire’s Edge is Enforcers in the colonies, while Inferno Rising is the kings of the clans.

Why is this one my favorite? A few reasons. Continue reading “Favorite Thing I’ve Written”