Svatura Timeline

Svatura age slower than humans. They live approximately 2000 years (assuming they’re not killed young) and the rate at which they age is unusual. They spend a long chunk of their lives in what would be the teens/twenties/thirties for normal humans.

There is a separate admittedly long and totally geeky blog post on how I came up with this timeline and the one flaw to the aging process that I decided was acceptable. If you’re interested in the math and the madness, I recommend reading it.

That said, here is a look at what years things happened, the actual ages of my main characters, and what age they looked like at the time.

(I know this looks small. If you click the image it will open up into a larger version in another window. You might have to click twice.)


P.S. Please don’t beat up my math or table. I sometimes inserted rows in the wrong order, but as long as I can look up an event and get a general idea of actual age and the age they appear, I’m good. 🙂

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