Powers in The Liar’s Crown

The world of The Liar’s Crown, most people have no supernatural abilities. They are called Vexillium, or Vex. Those who do possess powers are called Imperium.

Imperium inherit their powers through blood lines. and each generation manifests the power a little differently. For example, in a bloodline with a soul power, one generation might be able to take a soul out of a body, but the next generation can only see where that soul will go in the afterlife.

Any given Imperium may be able to sense, manipulate, manifest, and/or destroy the element they have power over. Not always all of those things, and sometimes a combination or very, very specific niche.

Imperium powers break into two groups:

Hylorae – an Imperium with powers over tangible elements like sand, water, plants, etc.

Enfernae – an Imperium with powers over intangible elements like soul, mind, emotions, etc.

Below are listed the powers that have been named so far in the books, who wields the power, and the specific manifestation (if known).


ElementWay They ControlWhoDetails
icemanipulateVoswe know he can freeze a forest floor; so far we don’t know how, his limitations or specific control beyond that
healing (physical)manipulateWrenthrough touch, can sense physical damage and heal it. to the person being healed this feels like tingling and warmth. to the healer, doing the healing takes a physical toll on them.

*note: there are other types of healing vaguely referred to but not listed. healing is ability dominions have been known to go to war over.
Merenshe can make sand move, heat sand and form it into glass, then manipulate the glass into shapes; she can sense the movement of sand; may be able to create a portal
sandmanifestThe Queen (Meren & Tabra’s Grandmother)could turn any object she touched into sand, though nothing bigger than a horse
sandvariousunnamed previous queens/princesses of Arydevery set of Arydian twins, one had a sand power, the other soul. specific powers other than Meren’s and the Queen’s have not been identified yet.
soundmanifestTziahwhen she opens her mouth that can incapacitate or even physically harm anyone listening
Caincan manipulate water but not create it; can sense water to dig wells or use existing water to create a wave


Element They ControlWay They ControlWhoDetails
can manipulate physical shadows in many ways to do physical things like hide, carry, muffle sound, etc.;

can shed their own shadow like layers of an onion, but the shadow is a part of their soul and becomes a real man (like a clone but not)
soulsenseOmmacan sense what afterlife a soul is destined for (level of the hells, Allusian heavens, reincarnation, etc.)
soul??Tabrawe know Tabra should have a soul ability (or assume she should based on bloodlines and inherited powers), we just don’t know what yet
soulvariousunnamed previous queens/princesses of Arydin every set of Arydian twins, one had a sand power, the other soul. a few of the soul powers have been listed including: one could heal broken souls. one could feel souls, like identifying personalities. there are others.

*the twins kidnapped and killed by Eidolon are almost always the one with the soul power

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