The Devourers

The Devourers are monsters that lurk in the oceans of Nova and feed on human flesh. The Devourers tend to lurk around a specific dominion, though they do move further afield. Every dominion has created (or their goddess created) defenses around their ocean-side borders to keep the monsters out.

Not all the Devourers have been named in the books yet, here are the ones who have…


the Hollowa massive octopus-like creature that crushes its prey with its many arms, then sucks the juices from their bodies with a hideous beak until they are hollow shells of bones and skin. bluish-purple in color, almost iridescent in the daylight, darker on one side than the other. The suckers on the bottom of the tentacles are white and appear to move independently.
the Revokerhuman-looking on one end, the other end is a long tail that splits into three. it is rumored to pull people who get too close to the water in and eat only their eyes, tongues, and feet, leaving them alive but floundering in the ocean. very few have ever made it back to shore, from what I hear.

*note: the image of the Revoker is part of the crest of King Eidolon of Tyndra
the Reverielurks near the massive Whirlpool at the mouth to Mariana’s bay. rumored to be able to transform into what you want/love most and lure you into the Whirlpool’s waters

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