Cade Campbell has spent ten years in hiding, preparing to return to his small town, the pack his uncle stole from him…and the mate who doesn’t know she’s been waiting for him. When he shows up on Shyla’s doorstep a few days before Christmas he discovers the sweet, quiet girl he grew up with is all woman. The problem is she’s become a loner, is obsessively neat, and allergic to dogs. Bad news for this wolf. Still, Cade’s not giving up on her or on taking his rightful place as alpha. Maybe this year Santa could finally get things right.

Novella | Self-Published | 11/15/2019

*Originally published as one of 6 novellas in the multi-author holiday paranormal romance anthology, Christmas After Dark which is no longer available. All stories now individually published by the authors. 





The sharp knock on Shyla’s door was not expected…which meant not wanted.

She frowned as she cautiously approached, her socked feet silent on the hardwood floors of her cozy cabin. She knew for a fact that no deliveries were happening today, and no plans had been made for visitors. Her friends and family knew to call ahead.

So, what the hell?

“Shyla?” a deep, instantly recognizable voice sounded—a voice she hadn’t heard in ten years. “It’s Cade Campbell. Sean sent me over.”

She stopped stalking toward the door like a cat and straightened, spine stiff, eyes wide.

Cade Campbell.

Her body froze like the icicles that hung off her roof in the winter as memories flashed through her mind. Laughing blue eyes. Dark hair flopped over his forehead. Constantly throwing him out of her room. Helping a bloodied boy of sixteen through dark woods. A soft kiss.

Before he’d disappeared from town without a word.

Cade Campbell.

Drool worthy, tease her until she screamed, make her want to orgasm with a single look Cade Campbell was standing on the other side of her door.

And her dumbass brother had sent him.

What was Sean thinking? That he’d send her an early Christmas present? How would he know? She’d certainly never shared the fact that every sexy dream she’d had featured Cade since the day he’d disappeared from town.

She made a mental note to kill her brother next time she saw him.

“I can hear you, Shyla,” Cade called through the door.

Right. Wolf shifter. How could she ever forget that bit?


AUTHOR: Abigail Owen
EDITOR: Heather Howland
PUBLISHER: Authors On A Dime
COVER DESIGN: Authors On A Dime

Page Count: 60
Word Count: 20k
Release Date: 11.15.2019
Rating: Hot (18+)