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Hyacinth Book Cover Reveal!!!

I am thrilled with the results. So – without further ado – here is the book cover for Hyacinth!!! I am so excited to finally be able to share the book cover for Hyacinth – Book #2 of the Svatura Series!!!! First to add a little background… When I decided on a title for the first book in the Svatura series – Blue Violet … Read More Hyacinth Book Cover Reveal!!!

‘Tis the Season to Give

UPDATE 1/1/13: I sold 72 books in December and have now given a nice even $100 to First Book plus another $20 anonymous donation which equates to 48 new books for kids in need. I didn’t quite make my goal of $300 – but still made a difference which was entirely the point. Thank you for all your support!   Date(s): December 1-31, 2012 Details: … Read More ‘Tis the Season to Give

Book Blog Tour – November 9-15

Book Blog Tour: November 9-15 Free Kindle Promo (Blue Violet): November 16-18 I am so excited to announce my very first book blog tour! For those of you not familiar, this is the virtual version of a book store tour. Various other book bloggers host me for a day. The types of posts can range from author interviews, to excerpts, to anything I want … Read More Book Blog Tour – November 9-15

Blue Violet Is Finally Here!!!

Finally, finally, finally the day has come…. Blue Violet is now available at!!! If you read it and like it, please tell your friends. If you like it and are feeling generous with your time, please post a review on Amazon. Or if you have any feedback at all, feel free to post on any of my author pages. I’d love to hear what you … Read More Blue Violet Is Finally Here!!!

Book Cover Part #2 – Decisions, Decisions

In a previous blog post titled “Book Cover Part #1 – Getting Started” I discussed steps 1-3 (out of 5) that I am following to create the book cover for my first publication – Blue Violet – due out this August. Step 1 was researching what’s needed for a book cover – basics like size of the image, typical covers for this genre, etc.  Steps 2 and 3 … Read More Book Cover Part #2 – Decisions, Decisions

1st Time Author – Think I Can Do It?

After years of walking around with stories and book ideas in my head, and trying to write them down non-stop, I am finally getting around to trying to publish a book.  I am still in the beginning phases of the process.  The book is written.  I have found an editor, Wendy, who is incredible.  (More about Wendy and the edits later.)  My plan is to self-publish … Read More 1st Time Author – Think I Can Do It?