Cyber Monday Amazon Audiobook Sale

It's Cyber Monday, y'all and Amazon has a fantastic deal on ALL (that's right all!) of my audiobooks. Only $5.99 each. Grab this smokin' deal while you can!Click the covers below to go to Amazon. Limited time only. Check prices before purchase. FANTASY ROMANCE - NEW ADULT / UPPER YA DOMINIONS Narrated by Samara Naeymi... Continue Reading →

Self-Publishing: Amazon Kindle Overview

This post is for first-time self-publishers or those considering it. I frequently get asked about how difficult it is to do the actual publishing part, how much it costs, etc.  The good news is, it's really not difficult at all, and it can be totally free, depending on how much you want to do yourself.... Continue Reading →

How To Publish a Print Version of A Book

Once I had published my debut novel, Blue Violet, on Kindle, I thought that the bulk of the publishing work was behind me. However, I underestimated two things: the number of people who still prefer print and how long it would take me to get the print version published. I always planned on publishing a print... Continue Reading →

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