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The Ever Evolving Process: Idea to Published Book

Over the last two years my process for getting from initial idea to actual published book has evolved. While I’d started many books prior, Blue Violet was the first book I finished. I’ll be honest…looking back I was a hot mess. I wrote on gut instinct alone and the original final draft needed a helluva lot of help. I had no set way to … Read More The Ever Evolving Process: Idea to Published Book

Maintain Your Voice (Incorporating Feedback)

I’m having a minor soap box moment. The more books I write, the more I discover that my original method of just writing for myself was and still is the best was to hold onto my voice as a writer. With three books out and more on the way, I get feedback on my writing regularly from multiple sources. Between reviews, comments on Kindle, … Read More Maintain Your Voice (Incorporating Feedback)