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Maintain Your Voice (Incorporating Feedback)

I’m having a minor soap box moment. The more books I write, the more I discover that my original method of just writing for myself was and still is the best was to hold onto my voice as a writer. With three books out and more on the way, I get feedback on my writing regularly from multiple sources. Between reviews, comments on Kindle, … Read More Maintain Your Voice (Incorporating Feedback)

Bring On the Constructive Feedback!

As an author with one book published and one on the way, I have been extremely interested in the reviews I get on my first book through various sources – amazon, goodreads, book bloggers, etc. I have been pleasantly surprised to receive ratings mostly in the 4s and 5s for Blue Violet as well as a majority of feedback that has been positive. Had … Read More Bring On the Constructive Feedback!