Hyacinth – 1st Week Out

One week has passed since I released Hyacinth - book #2 of the Svatura series - and I could not be more thrilled with the results and feedback so far!!! Not to toot my own horn... however, I am currently head of the marketing department as well as the author. The differences between launching my... Continue Reading →

The Pricing Debate

I realize that it's probably tacky to talk about money/sales/profits quite so publicly. However, as an indie author, I find this topic relevant and probably interesting to other indie authors out there. In addition, I want to ask my fans an important question related to my own books. So I'm taking a bit of risk by... Continue Reading →

How To Publish a Print Version of A Book

Once I had published my debut novel, Blue Violet, on Kindle, I thought that the bulk of the publishing work was behind me. However, I underestimated two things: the number of people who still prefer print and how long it would take me to get the print version published. I always planned on publishing a print... Continue Reading →

Writing a Hella Good Book Description

I am working on a kick ass book description. It will be the first thing people read on Kindle when deciding if they want to buy the book or not.  I have to say that I'm struggling with this task a bit.  Here's what's making it tricky... The book, titled Blue Violet, is paranormal (with a little... Continue Reading →

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