Why Romance?

It's Valentine's Day today. Ironically, despite being a romance writer, I can't stand this holiday. I heartily dislike the idea that my loved ones must be forced to tell me they love me once a year (and vice versa). Please explain why this isn't happening naturally throughout the year? It's a retail driven holiday that... Continue Reading →

Favorite Hero Archetypes

I write romance, which means I come across similar character archetypes regularly. The fun part of these as an author is taking something well-known and putting my own fun spin on it. The fun part of these as a reader is having my favorite archetypes to read. I'm drawn to certain archetypes more than others.... Continue Reading →

14 Signs of Great Romance

As a romance author, the entire point of my books is to create a romance between two (fictional) people which ends happily ever after. But what does a great romance look like? Romance and all things romantic can be different for different people. Some think of romance as gifts and dinners. Some think of it... Continue Reading →

Insta-Love: Love It or Hate It?

Guest Post Re-Post: Originally posted 6/30/2014 as a guest post on Coffee Talk Writers - part of my Black Orchid blog tour organized by Masquerade Crew. *** I have a theory about who loves and who hates insta-love. I have been reading romance novels of various sub-genres (contemporary, paranormal, teen, etc.) since I was about twelve years old.... Continue Reading →

The Evolution of Sex in Romance

Guest Post Re-Post: Originally posted 6/25/2014 on Getting Personal as a guest post - part of my Black Orchid blog tour organized by Masquerade Crew. *** As a reader of romance for the last 25 years (I started young, what can I say) – one of the trends that I’ve found particularly interesting is the evolution of sex in... Continue Reading →

My Relationship With Romance

Guest Post Re-Post: Originally posted 3/24/2014 on LOVE. WITHOUT YOU as a guest post. Part of my Andromeda's Fall blog tour organized by Masquerade Crew. ***** My love affair with romance has stayed strong and developed over decades. It started, of course, with Disney princesses. Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty. I loved watching them find their princes (still do).... Continue Reading →

Romance is My Chocolate

Frozen Hot Chocolate from Green Pastures in Austin, Tx (Yes... I take pictures of my desserts!) Anyone else out there a dessert-a-holic like me? Seriously... it's a problem. I don't have favorite dishes at restaurants, I have favorite desserts. In particular, I'm a chocolate junkie. But there are times when I could go for a... Continue Reading →

The Love Scene Debate

To write the love scenes or not, that is the debate today... One of my big self-debates lately is whether or not to include some racier s-e-x scenes in my upcoming series of books. Con - People Who Know Me Would Read It My genre is paranormal romance. When I wrote my first book, Blue... Continue Reading →

Writing Readable Romance

Writing romance scenes is possibly one of my biggest weaknesses as a writer. So this blog entry is not a "how to" by any stretch of the imagination. This is more of a "come commiserate with me" moment. The ironic thing is that romance books were my first love when it comes to what I... Continue Reading →

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