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2018 Accomplishments & 2019 Goals

It’s coming up on the end of the old year and beginning of the new, and you know what that means… Goals. Look at how you did on the old ones and set some new ones. I do this every year for personal and professional goals. Let’s take a look at those author ones. 2018 ACCOMPLISHMENTS I had a wonderful 2018 with new releases, … Read More 2018 Accomplishments & 2019 Goals

Looking Back (2017) & Looking Ahead (2018)

Usually I have last year’s post to start with so I can look at my original goals for the year and think about which of those I accomplished, which I didn’t, and anything the surprised. me. But this year my website went down and I lost a lot of blog posts including my goals. Sigh. No worries, I can still look back at my … Read More Looking Back (2017) & Looking Ahead (2018)

WIP Status Check

I used to share my WIP status a lot more. Lately, it feels like my writing life has sped up exponentially. When I first started, I’d spend six months on one book, and only work on one book at a time–not just the writing, but the editing, publishing, and marketing. These days, I’m on fast forward, juggling multiple projects at a time. And LOVING … Read More WIP Status Check

Summer Insanity Is Almost Over

On August 17th, the kids go back to school, and our fantastic but totally nutty summer comes to an end. Boy did it fly. I find it funny that the advent of school will actually slow us down. Here’s what happened over the last few months, starting at the end of May! Estes Park, Colorado We spent 10 days at my favorite place in … Read More Summer Insanity Is Almost Over

Using Sensory Description in Paranormal Romance

Originally posted on Paranormal Romantics 5/20/2017 *** A frequent tip you’ll hear in writing workshops, seminars, and blogs is to include the senses in your descriptions. One workshop I attended mentioned trying to include all 5 senses on every page. I took this to be a bit of an exaggeration, as that would be a LOT of description on every page. But it gives … Read More Using Sensory Description in Paranormal Romance

Favorite Hero Archetypes

I write romance, which means I come across similar character archetypes regularly. The fun part of these as an author is taking something well-known and putting my own fun spin on it. The fun part of these as a reader is having my favorite archetypes to read. I’m drawn to certain archetypes more than others. Most readers are. Don’t lie. You know you have your … Read More Favorite Hero Archetypes

Adding Humor When You’re Not Funny

I am not naturally a funny person. I fully accept this aspect of my personality. Any time I try to be funny it comes out sarcastic, and can be taken the wrong way. The type of humor I appreciate is on the dry side. Plus, much of my humor is stuff only I get. Inside jokes with myself. Lol. That said, I love to … Read More Adding Humor When You’re Not Funny

Adding Character to a Scene in Layers

I consider myself to be a character driven writer. The tricky part with writing side characters is giving them a voice without letting them take over the page, but at the same time not letting them just be place holders or extras in the scene. Even harder, I find, is writing a cast of characters and not having the voices blend together. I cant say … Read More Adding Character to a Scene in Layers

Going Overboard with Deep POV

Im going to take a moment for a mini-rant today about deep POV. For those who dont know, I define Deep POV as this: when you are writing a character you are as deep into their point of view (POV) as you can get, trying to express their reactions, thoughts, feelings, and experiences (sensory or otherwise). As a theory/idea, I love deep POV. You … Read More Going Overboard with Deep POV

Naming a New World

One of my very favorite things to do when starting a new series and creating a new world is coming up with the naming conventions. I’ll let you in on a little secret… I suck at making up totally new words. I mean it. It is definitely not a strength of mine. Play to Your Strengths So I’m guessing that you’re now wondering why … Read More Naming a New World