Hello Friends!

Welcome! I am an author of paranormal and contemporary romance novels, including the award-winning Svatura series. One of my favorite things to do as an author is interact with my readers.  I hope you’ll stay a while, take a look around, and join in the fun!

XOXO, Abigail





Andromeda’s Fall Print & Pre-Order!!!

Is now available in print!!!!

Coming in eBook format December 10, 2014 – available for pre-order now!!!

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AndromedasFall_w9277_300 (1)


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AndromedasFall_w9277_300 (1)Andromeda’s Fall (Shadowcat Nation #1)

The first book of the Shadowcat Nation series will be released with The Wild Rose Press December 10, 2014! It is available in print now, and available for pre-order in eBook format at Amazon!!!

Click here to for links to purchase and to read more!

Get a peek into this new series now. Read Hannah’s Fate, my short story in the Here, Kitty Kitty anthology.

This book was originally self-published for a short time in Feb 2014 with a different cover. I am extremely excited to be part of the TWRP family!





Sarai’s Fortune (Shadowcat Nation #2)

The second book in the Shadowcat Nation series is completed and in the hands of my editor at The Wild Rose Press. No guarantees because release timing will depend on so many factors, but I’m hoping for a Spring or Summer 2015 release. Keep you posted!

Get a peek into this new series now. Read Hannah’s Fate, my short story in the Here, Kitty Kitty anthology.

Saving the Sheriff (The Hills of Texas #1)

This contemporary romance set in the hill country of central Texas is completed. I am in the process of getting it ready to query. I’m very excited about and hopeful for this book. It is intended to be the first in a series about the Hill family.

Resisting the Rancher (The Hills of Texas #2)

I’m wasting no time and am already working on the second book in the Hills of Texas series of contemporary romance novels. I’ve finished my outlining and most of my research. I’m very much in the first draft phase with only a few chapters written. But excited so far!

Falling for Laura

I’m taking the month of November to participate in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). My project is a contemporary romance involving skydiving, a maid, and a misunderstanding. I’ll post on my progress periodically all November.





The Svatura Series

Don’t miss out on all 4 books of the Svatura series: Blue Violet, Hyacinth, Crimson Dahlia, and Black Orchid. You can reach them individually or in the discounted box set.

2df85-svaturaseriesEllie, Selene, Lila, and Adelaide.

One will come out of hiding to protect others from the fate she suffered. One will lead her people after being released from a hellish nightmare. One will try to start a new life only to discover that her path lies where it always has. And one will feel a loss so terrible that only oblivion can stop the pain.

Individually they are strong. But together these sisters of the heart are a force before whom even their most powerful enemies will tremble. However, that may not be enough. Is the key to their salvation power… or love?



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