“Here, Kitty Kitty” Author Spotlight: Jessica Nicholls

“Here, Kitty Kitty” is an anthology of six paranormal romance short stories featuring exotic cat shapeshifters. The anthology is slated for release October 6th, 2013. All profits from this anthology will go to charity to benefit the Exotic Feline Rescue Center in Indiana. Each week leading up to the release I’ll be putting the spotlight on one of the authors who have contributed to this project.

Here Kitty, Kitty 
Author Spotlight: Jessica Nicholls

Featured Feline: Cougar

Story: In Our Nature
When Mira’s privacy and independence are threatened, she can be very nasty.  Daniel is an expert on American mountain lions. His assistance is requested after an ‘incident’ on Mira’s front lawn. When the two meet, they recognise each other in more than one way.

Author Interview: 
1. What inspired you to write about cougar shifters?
I was actually visiting family in the Upper Midwest when I wrote the story. I imagined what wild cat I would be most likely to see, I researched if there had been ‘sightings’.  That’s why I chose cougars.  It made the idea of a mountain lion shape shifter seem more real.   In my mind, it makes them like ghosts who haunt the area you know?  They’ve actually been there, these beautiful mysterious but rather scary creatures.

2. Why is paranormal romance a favorite genre of yours?
It is my favourite genre to read.   I write stuff I would enjoy reading.  I love vampires, shape shifters, ghosts, gods and goddesses demons,  angels, fairies, whatever.    There are endless possibilities when you delve into those worlds.   If you throw in a good love story there is nothing more enticing.

3. Is this your first collaboration with other authors? And how did you like it?
Yes it is.   I enjoyed learning about the Exotic Feline Rescue Centre.   Big cats really are so haunting and beautiful.  It’s enlightening to understand that even though they are these powerful predators they can be vulnerable and require human assistance.   I was thrilled when Mia asked me.  I absolutely love Mia’s writing.  I’ve also enjoyed the other author’s work.    Everyone has their own strong voice in the genre.  I’m really honoured to be included in this collaboration.

4. Tell us about your works in progress.
Well I am very busy.   I’m currently rewriting a dark fantasy story.  That will be my first novel length story to be actually released.  I’m also working on a short story collection based on characters from the dark fantasy called Into the Arms of Morpheus.     I’ve got two novel length stories in the works.  One is a time travel love story called In Love With the Past and the other is a dystopian story entitled The New Aristocracy.  There is a bit of romance in that one too.    I’ll always write.   I will always obsess over stories and characters.    If I go too long without writing I get really frustrated.

Author Bio: 
Jessica Nicholls is originally from Northern Illinois. She lived in the Northwest of England for just over ten years, where she studied and had her children. Currently, Jessica lives in the Middle East with her husband and two now school age (yay!) kids. Running, reading and watching films are her favourite hobbies. Writing the type of stories she would enjoy reading (anything dark and weird or romantic, or a combination of those) is a passion.

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