My Summer Writing Bucket List

Summer break is here! And that means… my kids are out of school. I plan to take it fairly easy this summer, slowing down a bit on the writing, so that I can concentrate on what matters most to me. My family!

Notice that I’m not stopping completely. Writing is my stress relief, my outlet, so I couldn’t stop completely. But I will slow down my pace. Luckily I planned for this in advance so that I could slow down but not lose momentum.
So, at the end of each day, this is what I’ll be working on this summer…
Svatura Series
Black Orchid – Blog Tour
The awesome folks at Masquerade Tours are hosting a book blog tour for Black Orchid!!! June 23-30 and it comes with a great giveaway too! Look for more details on this as we get closer.
Box Set & Deals
I’ll be putting together a boxed set of the Svatura series just as soon as I figure out how. (Haven’t done one before as this is my first complete series lol.) Hoping to have it out by end of summer.
Just a quick FYI… Blue Violet is no longer free. My  goal was to have it free until the last book of the series hit the shelves, and it has. But the box set will be at a discount from purchasing the books individually. And I’ll still offer some deals on the individual books, or all of them from time to time.
Sarai’s Fortune
I finished the first draft and first “me” round of editing on Sarai’s Fortune (Shadowcat Nation #2). I’ll do some more “me” editing over the summer before getting it to Wendy. I’m trying to give the poor woman a break after having edited my stuff non-stop since December. The plan is a late fall/early winter release, and I feel ahead of the game on this one (thanks to Candace Havens’s “Book in a Month” Workshop!)
I will be having a reader vote for the book cover for Sarai’s Fortune in July and then will reveal the book cover in August. Can’t wait to see what you guys pick!!
Short Stories
There are a few short stories I may or may not have time for this summer. I’m hoping I will. I’d like to get started on some Svatura short stories and see if that format will work for some of the more minor characters. The idea would be an anthology of stories down the road. I’d also like to try my hand at a high fantasy short story over the beginning of the summer.
Outlining and Preparing
I have several ideas in my head for upcoming books. I’d like to get started at least outlining and preparing on these. In particular, I’ll be working on a contemporary romance as well as a new ghost-based paranormal romance. I may also prep for Shadowcat Nation #3 and a potential Svatura prequel. None of these books would be done for this year, so we’re looking way out in 2015 and even 2016 at this point. My poor fingers can’t keep up with typing the ideas in my head.
So that’s on my writing bucket list for the summer. I have a feeling my struggle will be deciding which of these projects to work on that day. But, like I said, my primary focus is enjoying the summer with my beautiful family. So, other than the blog tour, which is all set, and Sarai’s Fortune, which has to get done in time for release this year, no guarantees. 🙂
Happy Summer Break!!!

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