My Top 10 Desserts

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Is it possible that you know me personally? Because you could not have asked this question to anyone who would struggle more to answer. I am a dessert-aholic. In college, when I was a broke student, I would save my money to go out. Everyone else would eat a meal. I’d have a cup of soup and a dessert. I am OBSESSED with desserts.

I believe this obsession originated from my mother who bakes desserts regularly. And she got it from my grandmother, who used to threaten, “If someone doesn’t eat more of this dessert I’m not making one tomorrow.”

Consequently, deciding on a top 10 was incredibly difficult. And, not surprisingly, a lot are my Mom’s/Nana’s. Here’s what I picked after a lot of agonizing deliberation:

10. Amy’s Belgian Chocolate Shake
In Austin, Texas, there’s an ice cream chain called Amy’s. Their Belgian chocolate ice cream in a shake is a favorite of mine. I have to have it every time I visit home.

9. Sienna’s Donut Holes
Restaurants in Northern California serve a donut hole dessert that’s awesome. Donut holes covered in powered sugar or cinnamon sugar and then served with dipping sauces. Sienna’s – in El Dorado Hills, CA – is the best. They serve with 3 sauces – chocolate, raspberry, and Jack Daniel’s whiskey cream.

8. Flan
Apparently this is a European treat? But I grew up with it as a Mexican dessert – it’s a caramel pudding-style or custard-style dessert. In high school, we took a trip through Mexico, and I had this for every single meal.

7. Peach Tree Inn’s Icecream Pie
In Fredericksburg, Texas, you’ll find the Peach Tree Inn. They serve an icecream pie that has this handmade chocolate crust that’s incredible. And then you get to pick the ice cream and sauce to go with it.

6. Mom’s Pecan Pie
Pecan pie is a southern dessert in the U.S. My mother,who’s from the northeast, has a recipe that add’s a northern twist of maple syrup. Anyone who tastes it agrees that my Mom’s is the best pecan pie ever.

5. Lu Pims Cookies (Orange)
I discovered these cookies in the grocery store by accident. The cookie is almost cake-like, and then a layer of orange (or raspberry, or pear, etc. – but orange is the best), and then a layer of dark chocolate. I can eat an entire box in one sitting.

4. Mom’s Chocolate Cream Cheese Icecream Pie
Possibly the most fattening dessert on the planet. It’s got cream cheese, chocolate syrup, sweetened condensed milk and whipping cream all combined in a chocolate cookie pie crust and freeze.

3. Trost’s Leaf Cookies
Trost’s was a bakery in New Jersey which is no longer there. At Christmas Mom would order these leaf-shaped cookies. It’s a childhood favorite and I really miss them.

2. Mom’s Texas Sheet Cake
This is a thin chocolate cake (1-2 inches thick) topped with a thick fudge-y icing. And Mom doubles the icing. Yum!

1. Papadeaux Bread Pudding
Bread pudding is already easily one of my favorite desserts in general – but it’s easy to get wrong. Pappadeaux gets it totally right. Pappadeaux is a chain of Cajun-style restaurants that started in Texas. What makes their bread pudding great is the consistency – nice and moist with a good crust on top, and the addition of the apples baked into the pudding. Plus the decadent whiskey sauce to top it. To die for.

There are so many more that I could have talked about ad nasueum. Tres Leche, Mom’s lemon squares, Chili’s Molten Lava Cake, Chicago Fire Pizza’s Pizzookie (that’s pizza cookie), Mom’s chocolate icebox cookies, Mom’s chocolate drop cookies, Mom’s german chocolate pie, Mom’s chocolate cream cheese brownies, red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing, better-than-sex cake (yes, that’s what it’s called). The list goes on an on.

If anyone would like a recipe to the “Mom” ones, let me know. I’d be happy to share the love!


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