Goofy Bit of Fun… Traveling Giveaways

I’m combining Flat Stanley with Abandoned Art for a goofy bit of fun with my books…

I read an article in Sacramento Parent magazine recently that talked about Abandoned Art. Essentially, artists are leaving art in random places for anyone to find and take home – bringing a little beauty into unsuspecting lives. Fun concept right?

So then I thought, that would be a great idea for books. After a little research I discovered Book Crossing. They take the concept a little further. You can print out labels that tag the book with an ID. Then anyone who gets it can go to the website and see where it’s been. Also a fun idea.
And, finally, almost all parents and most kids have heard of or done a variation on Flat Stanley. We’ve done it with our kids where we take a picture or draw a paper doll that looks like them. Then the doll/picture travels with us and appears all over the place in our pictures.
I decided to have a little fun by combining these concepts. Here’s my plan…
Periodically, I’m going to take print copies of Blue Violet and leave them in random places with a note to any finders to please enjoy. I’ll take a picture where I’ve put the copies and post them to my Facebook site. Traveling Blue Violet Giveaways. I might even get friends and family in on it, giving them copies to take on vacations.
Look for pictures to appear on my Facebook soon!

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