Hannah’s Fate Excerpt

c2dfc-herekittykitty_cover500Hannah’s Fate is my short story in the Here, Kitty Kitty anthology. It is set in the Shadowcat Nation and is a prequel to Andromeda’s Fall which will be out December 10th and is available for pre-order now.

*Note: All profits from this anthology will go to charity to benefit the Exotic Feline Rescue Center in Indiana.

Here is a peek into Hannah’s Fate


Now he was back. The agonizingly long wait was finally at an end, and he could claim his prize. He’d always pictured their reunion in more romantic circumstances. They’d be alone, and she’d run into his arms crying about how much she’d missed him. He’d kiss her passionately and reveal his true feelings for her.

But instead, he walked into a crowded conference room, and Hannah sat across from him with her nose in her computer. His view of her was blocked by various members of the Council coming up to welcome him back home and shake his hand. Gradually, he made his way around to where Hannah was. She appeared to be working on some kind of spreadsheet and didn’t look up.

“Hi, Hannah,” he said.

But instead of turning that adoring, almost-hero-worship-like gaze on him that she’d had at sixteen, she just looked up with a detached, but polite smile. “Welcome back, Nick. It’s been a while.”

Nick felt like a deflated balloon. He could just picture himself fizzing around the room as more and more air leaked out of him. Sure, he hadn’t expected her to fling herself into his arms in front of everyone. But maybe a special smile just for him, or at the very least, a hug for an old friend. Instead, she acted as though he was nothing special to her.

So now here he sat, directly across from her at the long conference table. He had to admit he was impressed. Hannah was involved, in one way or another, with most of the business dealings for the dare. She was organized and clearly knew her stuff, and had definitely earned her place as one of the Council’s most respected members.

But she’d barely acknowledged his existence. Her gaze seemed to skip right over him when she talked, and only landed directly on him if he spoke. Most of the business they’d discussed so far had been concerning other dares they had peaceful relationships with. So Nick’s insight from an ambassadorial point of view was minimal…which meant his mind was free to wander. And what it really wanted to do was to drift to Hannah’s eyes, or lips, or the sexy rasp of her voice.

“So, Nick,” Jaxon’s voice broke into Nick’s reverie. “Tell us about your conclusions from the last year working our dare relations.”

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