Hopes for 2015

I wrote about my goals for 2015 when I reviewed my 2014, and those give you a bit of an idea of where I’d like to be headed, but they don’t cover the hopes I have for this new year entirely.

Hopes for me are the things that I wish to happen. Will I do absolutely everything in my power to make them happen? Absolutely. But many of these are dependent on other factors. So, evening star, these wishes are on you tonight:

1. I hope…an agent says yes!

There are only a few agents who I am specifically interested in working with. My hope is that one will say yes to a manuscript this year. I’m starting the year right with one of them interested at the moment. Fingers crossed!

2. I hope…to contract 2 more books!

I’m in the query process for Saving the Sheriff and Falling for Kate, my two contemporary romances. I hope to contract them both and release in 2015.

3. I hope…to release 4 books in 2015!

Sarai’s Fortune is already with The Wild Rose Press. So one is a very good bet. I’m hoping to have Imogen’s Fury, the 3rd book in that series, also out this year. Plus the two books from hope #2.

4. I hope…to write 4+ books in 2015!

This one is hopefully doable. I wrote 4 in 2014, so just have to repeat that feat, right? I know for sure one will be Imogen’s Fury. And another will be Resisting the Rancher (follow on to Saving the Sheriff). I have a handful of ideas for the other 2+.

5. I hope…the ideas keep coming!

I find the ideas are tied to my love of what I do, and I still love doing this every day. Even on the days when I’m tired of rewriting that book ending for the eighth time trying to get it right. I hope I’ll continue to love it in 2015. I don’t see too much trouble with this one. 🙂

6. I hope…readers continue to enjoy my books!

I have the best readers whose support has kept me motivated. I hope they love the books that come out this year!

7. I hope…to continue to meet and work with other awesome authors!

This one is also already off to a great start. Thanks to critique partners and groups, my awesome beta reader and editor, the fun authors I’ve paired with or hosted or visited, and my RWA chapters. And this year I’m on the board for the RWA Contemporary Chapter, giving me more opportunities to interact with great people.


2015 is lining up to be a great year if even just a few of these come true. Here’s to hopes and dreams. May all yours come true!!!


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