Polar Bear Shifters…Does It Get Any Cooler?

Protector-MemeZac Montclair is a polar bear shifter and the hero of Sarai’s Fortune–the second book in my Shadowcat Nation series releasing May 13th. I have to say, writing a polar bear shifter was pretty darn awesome.

Why Polar Bears

I’ve been fascinated by these amazing creatures ever since my uncle, who’s a pilot, told me about a trip to Canada. The town where he landed deals with polar bears frequently. When he landed, a man pulled a truck up at the tail of the plane and left it running. He told my uncle that if he saw a polar bear, if he was near the front of the plane to get in and fly away, but if he was near the tail, the get in the truck and drive away. Because even on a flat, treeless landscape like a runway, polar bears are very sneaky and very fast, and once he spotted it, he wouldn’t have time to run from the front of the plane to the truck (or vice versa). And if he stuck around, they’d just peel him out of the vehicle like a can of tuna.

A Few Facts

Polar-Bear-Treaty-MemePolar bears are the largest land carnivores. They are seven-eight feet long (head and body) and the males can weigh as much as 1600 pounds. The bear’s stark white coat provides camouflage in surrounding snow and ice. But under their fur, polar bears have black skin—the better to soak in the sun’s warming rays. They are very strong swimmers, and their large front paws, which they use to paddle, are slightly webbed. Some polar bears have been seen swimming hundreds of miles from land. These powerful predators typically prey on seals. In search of this quarry they frequent areas of shifting, cracking ice where seals may surface to breathe air. They’ve been known to cover their black noses with their paws so the seals can’t detect them at the surface. These Arctic giants are the masters of their environment and have no natural enemies. (Facts from National Geographic)

Zac Montclair – My Polar Bear Shifter

Zac-MemeZac is almost 7-feet tall with not an ounce of fat on him. He has short dark hair and sports a constant scruff. He is stealthy, powerful, and intimidating. Dark and brooding, most people avoid him, even if he’s not a threat to them. Zac has been leading his clan (called a Timik) of shifters since his parents were killed when he was young. At first glance he’s unemotional, closed off, and harsh, but closer inspection will reveal someone who is fiercely loyal to and protective of those he loves. He’s a natural leader, decisive, and responsible. He is determined to protect Sarai – at first because of a promise to a friend – but gradually it becomes something more personal. Self-sacrifice is part of this shifter’s personality—anything to keep loved one’s safe.


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