Author Spotlight: Snow Prints by May Williams


I am excited to have May Williams visiting today to share Snow Prints, one of a three-book series she’s releasing this summer. Help her feel welcome!


unnamed (2)With a successful career, and his dream house under construction, the only thing missing from Adrien Peterson’s life is love. Since high school, Adrien’s heart has belonged to the irresistible Gracie Sinclair. If only he could make her see it…

Single mother Gracie’s worked hard for everything she’s got. Between her son, her nursing job, and violin playing, she’s built a life that, if not a dream, is something she can be proud of. She’s had enough lovers and family walk out on her to know not to want more. But then Adrien moves next door while his house is being built, bringing with him a tempting charm she remembers all too well.

Adrien is determined to break down the walls around Gracie’s heart. When she reluctantly agrees to a six-week trial relationship, he has one shot to show her just what a dream love can be….

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Nothing like seeing temptation at my dining room table, Gracie thought, when Adrien took a seat. Lean and lanky were the best words to describe his body, but she could add hard, muscled, and perfect just to amuse herself. At several inches over six feet, he was more than a foot taller than she was. Top that off with wavy dark hair, bright blue eyes, and a chiseled jaw, and any female within fifty yards was sunk. Although she’d carefully never asked about his girlfriends, she’d heard his sisters mention the names of a few women he’d dated. But there was no one serious and nothing recent.

He gave her a little grin before reaching for his beer. She remembered that expression from high school—it was the one that made all the girls sigh an inward and sometimes outward “aahhh.” Apparently, he still had it, and it had only matured with age. Did he know how charming he was? She doubted it. Her challenge was resisting. In the past couple years, she’d finally gotten her life where she wanted it to be, and she was happy with how things were. She didn’t need complications. And Adrien Peterson was a life-sized complication.

“Thanks for sharing your dinner with me. Mine would probably have been yogurt and some grapes,” she said, sheepishly, opening the dinner conversation.

“No problem. I’d starve on that diet.” He opened the containers of food, handing her one of rice and another of chicken with vegetables.

“You always were a big eater. I guess that hasn’t changed.”

“I’m going to continue to eat like this until Mother Nature starts working against me.” He chuckled, spooning chicken lo mein onto his plate.

“That’ll probably never happen, as active as you are.” She put a small pile of rice on her plate, sounding appreciative. “I’m jealous. I can’t get away with eating anything extra. I haven’t exercised as much lately. If I keep that up, I’ll be in trouble.”

“Not from what I saw in that black dress.” His eyes were dark in the dimmed light of the room, but they were a bit like an animal stalking its prey. “I may have to hire your quartet just so I can see you in it again.”

She focused on her plate for a moment, making little mounds of rice and vegetables, waiting for his suggestion and her burning cheeks to fade. She had to find something to talk about that didn’t let flirtation happen. No flirting, not with him—not with anyone when she had a son to raise—but definitely not with Adrien.

“I was surprised to see you move in here,” she finally said. “I thought you’d live at the farm with Colette and Ian while your house was being built.” With her connections to his family, she knew exactly when he had completed his degree in Ann Arbor and returned home. The unexpected part was seeing him move in down the hall.



unnamed (1)May Williams is convinced she read every book in the public library of her hometown as a kid. Today, her house sags under the weight of books. May writes historical romances set anywhere from the Regency Period to WWII and contemporary romance set in small town America. May lives happily in a little town on the shores of Lake Erie with her husband, two children, three cats and one oversized dog.

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