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theonlyone (600)_edited-2Samanthya Wyatt is visiting today to share her latest release, THE ONLY ONE (One and Only Series – Book 3). She also did a fun interview with me–she and I share a love of Clark Gable’s Rhett Butler (so swoon worthy). Please help Samanthya feel welcome!

I love a feisty heroine. What was your favorite scene to write for Alexandria?

Alex is a feisty, spirited girl who wears britches. I loved the scene where she is on her hands and knees, peaking through a crack in the stables spying on Giles and her brothers. She gets caught by Giles. That is my favorite.

This is a returning to claim a love carelessly tossed away story. Are there any scenes you found difficult to write?

The intimate scenes are always difficult to write. I strive to make my intimate scenes beyond just doing the deed. The reader wants to be involved with the characters and feel their dreams and emotions. I try to give that to my readers. But I thrive on writing the unexpected. So I try to write scenes where something different happens than what the reader is expecting.

This is the third book in the series? Any more in the works?

You never know. I have mentioned a few characters I just may need to do a follow up. But all of my books in any series have a beginning and a satisfying end.

How many books do you have under the proverbial bed? Will they ever see the light of day?

Good Lord, I have so many ideas and post it notes and beginnings of stories, I just can’t write fast enough. But I hope they all make it.

5 words that describe your romance writing style?

Fun-Intense-Deep-Lively -Heart

The Only One is a historical romance. What genres do you write? Which would you like to write that you haven’t tried yet? And why?

Even though historical is my first love, I write contemporary. Modern day seems to flow faster. I still need to do the research, but don’t have to worry as much about the slang of the older time periods.

If you could travel to another time, which would you choose? And why?

I think it would be grand to be with the Dukes, Lords, and Ladies. But I’ve always had this yearning to be in Civil War Days with a Yank or a Rebel hunk.

If you could have an intimate lunch with anyone in history, who would it be? And why?

Clark Gable – Rhett Butler. Now there is a man a woman drools over.

Something you can’t resist (your kryptonite)?

Cappuccino!  French Vanilla Latte.

Now for the speed round a la Actor’s Studio. (One word answers where possible):

  • What turns you on? Dark hair
  • What turns you off? Shaved chest
  • What is your favorite word? Cool (I know, but I still like it.)
  • What is your least favorite word? Can’t
  • What sound or noise do you love? Ocean
  • What sound or noise do you hate? Child screaming
  • What profession other than yours would you like to attempt? Nurse
  • What profession other than yours would you NOT like to attempt? Dentist
  • What is your favorite swear word? Shit
  • If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say to you as you enter the Pearly Gates? Welcome !



theonlyone (600)_edited-2

A dangerous lord’s warning sparks devastating results

One impulsive kiss to prove the young girl flirted with danger shakes Giles’ firm resolve. The young American is wild and reckless, and before long he realizes, she’s too much to handle. He surrenders. A duke must adhere to his duty. His title demands his home is in England. Tormented with longing for the woman who branded his very soul, he forsakes nobility and returns to claim the love he has carelessly thrown away.

A girl’s determination triggers a woman’s desire

From the first moment Alexandria saw the duke she knew he would be hers. Determined to get the man she wants, she devises a plan, curbs her reckless nature, and presents the proper lady his nobility requires. The interference of her brothers disrupts her amours pursuit, yet the feisty girl seduces the lord with a woman’s passion, and brands the duke hers forever.

The Only One (The One & Only – Book 3)

The Right One (Book 1) | The True One (Book 2)

Something More (Contemporary Romance)



“I was not spying.”

“Of course you weren’t. Judging from the conversation I interrupted, no young girl would know the subject they were discussing anyway.”

Her face flushed scarlet. He arched a brow. Surely she had no idea the boys were speaking of tupping a girl’s skirts.

“You’re handsome,” the girl stated baldly, expanding a breath as if she’d held her mouth closed too long.

He didn’t know whether to be flattered or feel concern at a possible purpose behind her words.“What do you know of handsome men?”
“My brothers, I guess are handsome. But they’re my brothers. I don’t care enough about other men to consider them handsome.”


“So then, why are you here?” He gave her his best glare.

“I’ve grown out of pigtails. I’m a woman now.”

Swallowing his amazement, he nearly choked. “Donning a dress does not make you a woman.” His gaze dipped in a slow, silent perusal. The damn girl’s breeches emphasized her curves, leaving nothing to a man’s imagination. Not that he should notice, of course, but . . . Damnation. She didn’t look the least like a child.

“I see you’ve resorted to breeches again. After your brothers’ reproaching insults, I would think you’d learned your lesson.”

She thrust out her chest. “Papa always said I had spirit. I am not unwise.”

“You think it wise to hide in a tackle bin? To be alone here with me?”

“You’re a duke. A gentleman.”

He gave a harsh laugh. “Being a duke does not make me a gentleman.”

“But Aunt Cornelia said English aristocrats live by their honor. You’re a nobleman. You have integrity, and morals.”

“Morals? Honor? A man lives by his own decree. What if I were to take liberties?”

“I can handle you.” Her eyes lit up and she seemed too sure of herself.

The gall of the chit.

With one quick movement, his hands shot out and jerked her against his chest. A gasp rushed from her throat, but she boldly held his gaze. With deliberate daring, his arms imprisoned her. He watched the emotions flitting over her face. He meant to punish, to teach, to frighten. His gaze lowered to her mouth.

He’d send her fleeing for good.

He captured her lips in a forceful kiss.

Her fingers twisted his shirt.

Good God, she kissed him back. With such enthusiasm, he was flabbergasted.

Unconscionable, that one so young should kiss with such skill. Had the damned girl been coached? She should slap him, call him a knave. Push him away, scream at him. Instead, she twined her arms about his neck while her warm, seeking tongue pirouetted a mating dance with his.

Chest heaving, he grabbed her shoulders and thrust her away.

“Where the hell did you learn to kiss like that?”


About the Author

unnamedSamanthya lives with her husband in the Shenandoah Valley. She left her accounting career and married a military man traveling and making her home in the United States and abroad. Once she found historical romance novels, she couldn’t put a book down. She fell in love with the characters and needed to know their happy ending.

One day she put words to paper creating a story of her own. The more she wrote, the more she became involved with the characters, and they seemed to take a life of their own. She relishes the challenge of penning a story with strong characters, a bit of humor, and active scenes. She enjoys creating new characters and bringing them together in a romantic tale. It took years of writing, joining RWA, joining chapters, entering contests, submissions& rejections which created the author she is today. By keeping her spirit and turning criticism into drive she has achieved her career as a published romance author.

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  1. Wonderful interview, ladies! I adore Clark Gable. My grandmother met Clark Gable at the opening of Gone with the Wind. This was a time when the actors/actresses would come out before the movie started and wave to the crowd. Well, my grandmother actually got an autograph copy of his picture. She had it hung on the wall in her bedroom until she moved into a nursing home at age 97, in 2006. Wishing you all the best with your book, Samanthya! 🙂

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