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White wolf

My most recent series of books is called Legendary Consultants. The basic concept is that each book will feature a common contemporary romance trope (story line) and add a twist of the paranormal (with a different paranormal creature for each book). I started with Her Demigod Complex which is a billionaire boss/personal assistant contemporary trope with a dash of demigod for the paranormal.

Each novella in the series will stand on its own (thats the goal at least). That set up is allowing me to include Legendary Consultant short stories in 2 anthologies this year. Im having a TON of fun with these as each is so unique, but they all tie together (sometimes big, sometimes subtle). Im already looking to what creatures I want to write next. So I thought Id start keeping a list.

Here are some possible creatures who may or may not be featured in upcoming Legendary Consultant novellas/stories. Can you help me add to the list? Note that there are a bazillion combinations and types out there. Im looking for what would be good for my romantic hero/heroine.

  • demigods (not just Greek, but many different mythologies)
  • werewolves
  • shifters (any animal you can think)
  • ghosts
  • psychics/telepaths (and all the variations)
  • witches/warlocks
  • nymphs
  • vampires
  • mermaids
  • elves
  • angels
  • demons
  • genies
  • fairies
  • pheonix
  • dragons/drakes
  • healers
  • firestarters/pyromancers
  • kitsune
  • elementals
  • reapers
  • amazons
  • sirens
  • guardians
  • gargoyles
  • shadowcaster
  • seer/future tellers
  • electric manipulation
  • empath/emotional enhancement/manipulation
  • unicorn
  • enhanced senses
  • draugrs
  • gryphons
  • minotaurs
  • hellhounds
  • amaroks
  • pegasus (pegasi?)
  • hippogriffs
  • kelpies
  • chimeras
  • sphinxes
  • dhampirs
  • lynxes
  • valkyries
  • will-o-the-wisps
  • succubus/incubus
  • thunderbirds
  • leviathans
  • skin walkers

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