A Co-Writing Adventure

My friend, Nicole Flockton, and I are engaged in a fun adventure. A co-writing project!

rt-nicole-flocktonHow We Got Started

Nicole and I met online first, through our mutual friend J.C. McKenzie, and then met in person at the RT Convention this past April. While there, we realized we both live in Texas, and both of us were looking for steady critique partners. Shortly after the convention we met up half-way between our homes and spent some time helping each other brainstorm. After that we started emailing and skyping regularly. In June, Nicole asked if Id be interested in trying out co-writing. Ive always wanted to try that, and our writing styles are similar, yet we both bring different strengths to the table, so of course I signed up. 🙂

This Summer We

rt-signingIn June, both of us were in the middle of other projects taking the majority of our time. So we spent the summer brainstorming, taking notes, etc. Weve spent a LOT of time on Skype. We have:

  • Decided on an idea
  • Brainstormed plot, characters, conflict, and series set up (because were both ambitious and fast writers)
  • Outlined the first book (roughly, were both pantsers)
  • Started on book covers
  • Set a calendar for writing and publishing


Getting Started

At the beginning of September, we got started on the prequel book (the plan is to do a series). Our set up is that Nicole is writing from our heros point of view and I am writing from the heroines point of view. We are trading off chapters as we go. Were only two chapters in, so well see how things go. One bonus is that a lot of editing and 2nd drafting gets done this way. In order to write the next chapter, we both read and edit the chapter our partner just finished.

Moving Forward

Obviously, were in the early phases yet, and the jury is still out on how this works out. Who knowsI may drive Nicole bonkers with how I edit, or we may disagree on major plot points, or other projects continue to get in the way of our writing. However, so far, she has been lovely to work with, which I knew she would be, and its been fantastic having a second brain in on the entire process. I cant wait to see how the final book turns out. Well keep you updated as we go!

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