Life Gets Nuts Sometimes

We’ve all been there. Our To Do list is already overflowing, and then something happens in life which really puts you behind. Ive had a several of those events just in the last month or so.

My daughter has had a few health issuesnothing life threatening and so far all benign or manageable, but requiring lots of doctors visits, tests, etc. We also, I am so sad to say, lost my husbands grandmother. G.G. was 99 years old. She had a wonderful, long life surrounded by family and friendssomething which became obvious at her funeral. But we will miss her.

These events on top of work getting a bit crazy with the launch of a new software, and, of course, the upcoming holidays, have put me so far behind on things I need to get done that my eye is starting to twitch on a regular basis.

Ever feel like youre swimming against the tide? Well, thats me. Ive been just trying to keep my head above the water. My house is a mess, Ive missed 5 or 6 blog posts (which is silly to worry about, but I do), Ive barely been on social media, I wont be a NaNoWriMo winner, I honestly dont remember the last time I showered, Im working in my pajamas right now You get the picture.

At least my kids are fed and clothed and get their homework done each night. And Im looking forward to spending time with them while theyre off school this Thanksgiving week. Thats the important bit. Right?

Anyway, I will probably be hit and miss on social media (and everything else, ha!) until after the holidays clear. 🙂 Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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