My Wishlist for GOT Happily Ever Afters

We’re coming up to the season finale of Game of Thrones, and even realizing that everyone probably dies by the end of this story, I’m still rooting for a few happily ever afters for several characters. Can’t help it–I’m a romance writer. Here’s who I’d like to see get their HEAs…

Jon / Daenerys

Yeah, yeah. Everyone saw this one coming, and the show is doing a decent (if rushed) job building it this season. So I won’t spend too much time on it. All I will say is that, like killing off Daryl in The Walking Dead, if the show creators don’t make this happen and stick (they don’t have to rule, just end up together and alive), then the women watching GOT might riot. Just saying.

**Amended post season 7 finale, because ewwwwww….

Brienne / Jaime

Let’s just kill of Cersei now and then Jamie can pull is head out of his behind. Brienne is the only one who can redeem Jaime, an almost irredeemable character (just can get over his pushing a boy out of a window).

Sam / Gilly

The relationship there is obviously solid. Let’s see them end happily with him as Lord Tarly. Jon can do it.

Arya / Gendry

He was so nice to her when she was pretending to be a boy. Now they are both grown up and obviously about to be reunited. I bet he could soften some of her edges, plus he’d be on board for helping her with that list.

Missandei / Grey Worm

Another relationship well established. They’ve both finally found freedom and purpose and each other. Let them keep it. Please!

Sansa / The Hound

That poor girl has only wanted one thing, a strong, handsome husband to take care of her. The Hound is one of my favorite redeeming characters in the show. Sansa needs someone plain spoken who obviously only wants to protect her. Classic beauty & the beast.


Unfortunately, I know I’m breaking a few hearts. I’d really love to see Tyrion end up with someone nice, but who? Ser Jorah can’t end up with Daenerys, but that’s as it should be. If Brienne doesn’t end up with Jaime, then I hope she gives in and ends up with Tormund, just because I like him. 🙂

Okay, that’s mine. GOT fans, what about you?

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