InD’Scribe Con 2017

I spent most of the last week at InD’Scribe Con, held this year in Burbank, CA (focused primarily on Indie and small press authors), but anyone is welcome. I had an absolute blast! Here are a few of the highlights…

Keynote Speakers

We got to hear from Marie Force, Kathryn Le Veque, Cathrine Bybee, and Brenda Novak. All these women were fantastic. Each shared their journey as an author–the ups, and especially the downs. I found their journeys inspirational. The main message for me was to never quit and every path is different.


I was particularly impressed by the workshop. It’s rare for a conference to have a workshop that interests me every single hour they are available, but this one did. And I went to some great ones. My favs were Arial Burnz workshops on newsletters and Marie Force’s workshop on writing series.

If you get a chance to do either of those, go.

Speaker / Panelist

I brought my Organize Your Writing Life workshop to the con and, as always, had a fun time delivering it. I always love getting to talk to people afterward. Especially when people stop me the rest of the con to show me how they’ve already incorporated some of my tips. I was also a panelist in the Genre Feud game. CLICK HERE to watch it from our FB Live Stream. Oh my gosh, one of the most fun panels I’ve ever been on.

Reader Rave Signing

I was one of the authors doing the signing and was very pleasantly surprised with the turnout and the fact that (unlike at some other conventions) readers came by all the tables and not just the big names. I sold about 10 print books, but gave out about 100 books post cards that have the QR code to buy links. Although, I will say the best part was getting to know the authors sitting near me.

RONE Awards & Gala

I was one of the finalists up for a RONE Award (Her Demigod Complex in the Novella category). I’m sad to say I didn’t win, but I had a blast regardless. The awards were fun and so was the dinner and dancing afterward.


As always, the best part of any conference are the friends you make. Romance authors are my people. My tribe. So conferences are one of the few places I can go where everyone there gets me and is equally interested in books and writing. It just doesn’t get better. 🙂 Plus, I get to meet fantastic new authors to me, which as a reader is awesome. Make sure y’all check out these authors…

Other Fun

I took advantage of the location and got to see my cousin who lives in L.A. I don’t get to see her often, so it was wonderful to have a chance to catch up. She is a costume designer and an extra, so I got to hear some fun stories about Hollywood.

I also took a Warner Bros. Studio Tour which was really cool. Y’all know how much of a movie/TV fan I am. I was especially fascinated by anything related to the classics. They pointed out a couple things from Casa Blanca for instance. I also got sorted into my Hogwarts house–Gryffindor.

Thanks & Can’t Wait for Next Year!

A huge thank you to T.J. McKay (nicest woman in the world) and the entire staff from InD’Tale who work so hard put on this spectacular event every year on top of managing the magazine and everything else. Y’all rock! Writers, if you are interested in a fantastic con with great workshops, great speakers, great friends, and more, this is the one for you. I hope to see you there next year!



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