Announcing a Paranormal Romance Book Club!


I am starting an online paranormal romance book club! This is an online group of fabulous readers who love paranormal romance and who want to share that love by reading books and discussing together.

If you’re interested in joining, the following information will bring you up to speed…

Book Club Meetings:
We have a meeting once a month (utilizing a private Facebook group) in which we feature either one of my paranormal romance books (new releases) or a favorite paranormal romance of mine from another author (some new releases, some not since we’ll try to go with series 1st books). We’ll announce the next book one month ahead of time to give everyone a chance to read. Then either I will do a Live Feed, or, sometimes one of the guest authors will, so that we will get to discuss the book with its creator.

1st Meeting:
Date: February 3rd, 2018
Place: The Private FB Group, click link below to join.
February’s Book Club Book:
We will be reading one of the books that got me hooked on adult paranormal romance…
The Heat by Heather Killough-Walden

One of my all time favs and I can’t wait to read it again. If you love wolf shifters, this is the first book in her Big Bad Wolves series. It’s a great book to get started on her as an author as well as on several her series. Read and come ready to discuss in February!


*This book is only available in digital as part of the series set (which is awesome and a great price of $4.99 for all 4 books).

2018 Schedule:
Below is the current schedule for 2018 (subject to change). We are discussing the books on the dates listed, so start reading the book the month before!

  • February 3rd – The Heat by Heather Killough-Walden
  • March 3rd – Her Perfect Mate by Paige Tyler
  • April 7th – White Knight by Abigail Owen & Nicole Flockton
  • May 5th – Fated by Rebecca Zanetti
  • June 2nd – January In Atlantis by Alyssa Day
  • July 7th – Feral Sins by Susanne Wright
  • August 4th – 2017 Paranormal Romance Guild Reviewers Choice Winner for ? Category (we’ll vote) (or 1st book in that series)
  • September 1st – 2018 RITA Award Winner for Paranormal Romance (or 1st book in that series)
  • October 6th – 2018 PRISM Award Winner for ? Category (we’ll vote) (or 1st book in that series)
  • November 3rd – Viking Warrior Rising by Asa Maria Bradley
  • December 1st – The Boss by Abigail Owen

In Between Meetings:
This is meant to be a fun group who share a common love/interest in paranormal romance. So between meetings, we’ll have some regular posts to keep the conversation going and provide some fun.

We don’t have many rules for the group. Posts don’t have to be book related. We’d love to hear what’s going on with you. The only “please don’t post this” would be anything that attacks someone else, anything political, anything that asks for votes or likes and anything that’s trying to sell something. You can post about other books–but it needs to be about books you’ve read and enjoyed. Authors, this is not a group to be posting all your promos/new releases/or other announcements. We reserve the right to moderate comments and remove people from the book club as we see fit.

Book Recommendations:
If you have a book you want to recommend for the group to read, feel free to email directly at abigail.owen.books @ (without the spaces). We do not guarantee we’ll read it or select it (because sadly life keeps us from doing it ALL), but we’re always looking for good paranormal romance, so send it on over.

Notification Settings:
On Facebook, on the bottom right of the banner photo, you’ll see the buttons, “Joined,” “Share,” and “Notifications.” You can click your preference there. To designate what you would like to see from the group, you can choose all posts, only highlights, friends’ posts. Please select all posts if you don’t want to miss anything that is happening in the group. Highlights would be the next best choice and will show you the popular things that are happening in the group.

Follow Abigail Owen:
It is absolutely NOT a requirement that you follow Abigail to be part of this book club. If you enjoy Abigail’s books, or love one that we read one month, we recommend you follow her. The BEST way is through her regular VIP Club Newsletter through which she offers exclusive content, giveaways, and other fun. Sign up here ( and receive 2 FREE stories from Abigail.



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