Trivia Queen–#MFRWAuthor Blog Challenge

This week in the MFRW blog challenge we are talking about useless talents. It probably doesn’t get much more useless than trivia (which happens to be my superpower).

qimg_1535645907930That’s right. I am a trivia junkie. I am a multi-time champion of various trivia related events–think Geeks Who Drink and cruise trivia (I owned our Disney cruise this summer).

I’m not saying I know everything–that’s for dang sure. I’m weak on sports trivia and most political trivia (unless it’s the chronological order of presidents or British monarchy). I’m almost unbeatable at movies (especially classics) and music (all eras/genres except disco which just sounds the same to me). I’m pretty dang good at geography, the Bible, literature, pop culture, TV, science, and western history (need to get better at most Asian history).

The good new is, my husband fills in those gaps on sports, politics, and math. Hubbie and I are training so that if they ever decide to do couples Jeopardy, we’re so going to win. And if you add my family members–we come from a long line of trivia geeks–we would dominate family Jeopardy. We’re just waiting for the announcement.

Speaking of which, in addition to winning trivia the world over, my husband and I are Jeopardy junkies. We watch at dinner every night. Yes, even when they play the re-runs we’ve already seen.  Geek enough for you yet? Oh, it gets better. My family take long car trips. My parents did it with me and my brother. We now do it with our kids. And what’s one of our favorite things to do in the car? Bring Trivial Pursuit cards and/or play Trivia Crack.

giphyNow that you are sufficiently impressed, let’s get real. All this trivia is only impressive on trivia nights. It does NOT help me remember the name of the person I just met (I literally can’t). It does NOT help clean my house, write the next book, sustain a solid marriage, act with any kind of empathy, or look really cool (especially not that). And it definitely does NOT help me know what the heck to do to ensure my children are always safe/happy/healthy/grow into decent human beings. At the most, I can make sure they sound as smart. Note the difference. Not actually make them smart, just make them sound it.

Hold up. There’s the upside! Trivia is good for fooling people that you are smarter than you actually are. (On a daily basis, I’m waiting for someone to point a finger and shout, “Imposter!“) It also makes you good at making up total crap and passing it off as facts because you have a store of real facts that you can bolster it with. The thing is, I’m usually right–trivia does help with logical deductions, a la Sherlock Holmes. (Wait. Maybe I should go into politics, lol.)

Okay, I’ve shared my useless super power. Don’t hold out. What’s yours?


I am participating in MFRW’s 52-week blog challenge, and it’s a blog hop! If you want to see how other authors approach this topic, stroll on over to the other authors participating and find out how they deal with character profiles. Each author does it differently.

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