Favorite Thing I’ve Written

My favorite thing I’ve written in the paranormal romance genre isn’t quite out yet. The good news is…it releases this year!


The Rogue King will be the first book in my Inferno Rising series featuring dragon shifters. In addition, this series blends with/shows a different piece of the same world as my Fire’s Edge series. Fire’s Edge is Enforcers in the colonies, while Inferno Rising is the kings of the clans.

Why is this one my favorite? A few reasons.

I originally started the idea as part of another series of novellas. But it just kept getting bigger and I knew it had to be not only a full length, longer novel, but had to be it’s own series. The characters just talked to me and were so vivid in my head.

When I pitched it to my editor at Entangled, she also loved it, and she’s my toughest idea filter. She is also my biggest advocate and is as much into the characters and plots as I am, which is huge for me.

Believe it or not, I wrote this book first out of all of them, though, between the two series, it’ll be the third novel released. Which means I get to write these two series in semi-backward order, which is challenging, but also gives me the benefit of hindsight and knowing exactly what’s coming next. And this is the book that set everything up in my head.

I sort of love the prologue to bits. It’s one of my favorite scenes to every have written in that it gives a lot of information but all mixed in with action and kicks off the book with a literal bang. In fact, getting into other books in the series, I realized that they all need to start equally as strong, and that has been a huge motivation.

My hero is my favorite kind–dark, brooding, sarcastic with a heart of gold. And the heroine plays off him in a way that I had way too much fun writing.

In fact, I have way too much fun writing all the books in these two series. I’ve gone epic with them, introducing many characters and threads that weave throughout. Planting little easter eggs and hints has been a writing adventure and a challenge in a good way.

Look for The Rogue King to release both in ebook and mass market paperback August 27th! More info/cover/blurb coming soon!

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