The Rogue King | Cover Reveal (+ Giveaway)

OMG this cover! Just take a moment to soak it in (fans self). As usual, I am blown away by KAM Design and Entangled. The covers for the Fire’s Edge & now Inferno Rising series are just gorgeous!

For those of you who loved The Boss, my Fire’s Edge and Inferno Rising series share the same world with a few cross over characters and plot lines. (Don’t worry, all books and both series will also still stand alone with a HEA for each.) Fire’s Edge are the Enforcers in the Americas. Inferno Rising gets you into the world of the Kings (and something special).


A modern-day Game of Thrones meets JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series.
Get started with the crossover Fire’s Edge series now!


Kasia Amon has spent her entire life in hiding, knowing who and what she is makes her a mark for all sorts of creatures–a treasure to be taken and claimed. All she knows for certain is that keeping her secrets safe means avoiding dragon shifters at all costs.

As a rogue dragon shifter, hunted by his own kind, Brand Astarot has only survived thanks to a dangerous reputation as a mercenary. Giving a phoenix to a Dragon King would guarantee him a place in a clan, taking him one step closer to the revenge he’s waited centuries to take.

But getting his prize to the King is a test of their lives, his skills, and their white-hot chemistry, forcing Brand to have to rethink his plan. Is giving her to the king the right choice? Or should he claim her for himself?


Entangled Publishing | Coming 8.27.2019 (ebook & Mass Market Paperback)!!!

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To celebrate, I’m giving away a $25Amazon GC (along with eBook copies of The Mate & The Boss from my Fire’s Edge series) to a lucky someone who goes to the post on my Facebook page and enters!

💕It won’t get you an entry in the giveaway, but any shares/loves are always hugely appreciated. Not only is sharing caring but so is commenting and telling me how much you love the cover.💕




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