Writing a Series Backwards

015-6x9-Book-Ereader-Mockup-COVERVAULT-RogueDid you know I’m writing my two dragon shifter series backwards?

I never would have thought so before trying this crazy experiment, but writing backwards has its advantages.

Let me back up and explain…

The Rogue King is the first book in my Inferno Rising series, and that series is a crossover from my Fire’s Edge series. Where Fire’s Edge features the dragon shifter Enforcers in the American colonies, Inferno Rising will be all about the kings and clans of the same world. This will include characters that hop series, plot lines that are mentioned in both, and some situations that will impact both series.

Here’s the tricky part though… I wrote The Rogue King first out of everything.

The idea was originally supposed to be a novella in a different self-pub’d series. Each book in that series features a different kind of paranormal creature—a demigod and nymp, werewolves, psychics, ghost and seer, and this was going to be my dragon shifter and phoenix. Just a quick little thing I’d knock out between books (30-40k words tops). But as soon as Brand and Kasia made it onto paper, and the world started building out from what I’d already established in that series, I knew it needed not only a full length book (it ended up at 100+k words), but its own series.

TheBoss_500So that’s what I started writing and what I pitched to my editor at Entangled.

I was already discussing a dragon series with Heather, and we loved the concepts behind both. So we decided on the crossover series concept, allowing us to place both series in the same world. However, during the proposal process, we decided that the first books to come out would be the Fire’s Edge books. In addition, the Inferno Rising books would be print while Fire’s Edge would be ebook only. Print books take longer in publication, which means they have to be written sooner (about a year before release rather than six months).

That is basically the long explanation of why I’m writing the two series in backward order. I write a print book (Inferno Rising) and then the ebook (Fire’s Edge) that will release before it.

But guess what!?

This process has been hugely helpful from a continuity and series building perspective, particularly for the eBooks. As I write each one, I already know every detail of what happens in the book that will come out after it. While I have a (admittedly complicated and convoluted) both-series-wide-plan, this process has allowed me to incorporate details, lay a few Easter eggs, plant some hints, and set up the next books in the series better than I would just writing in straight order.

On the downside, it means I wait a while to see each book come out after I’ve written it, but it’s worth it for the results in the end. I might do this for all future series. Lol.

By the way, each book is a different couple with their own HEA and stands alone. But, that said, you might want to read in release order to get the full experience. Now that The Rogue King is out, you decide! Should you start with Fire’s Edge and the Enforcers? Or try Inferno Rising and the kings?


***This article originally appeared on the Entangled blog July 2019!

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  1. I am so glad I started with The Fire’s Edge books. It helped to introduce the world in smaller doses. I think I would have been a bit overwhelmed in Rogue King without that background. Not to mention the crossover characters. But, for me, it is rather a mote point. I pretty much read everything by you as it comes out. I love your stuff and can’t wait to see what comes next. Thankyou.

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