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*This article appeared on April 2019!

I am a reader. I was a reader long before I became a full-time writer. I was that kid who’d happily give up social time with friends or family to disappear into my room and lose myself in the world of a good book. All weekend long.

I read just about everything—classics, historical, romance (of all genres), mysteries, action adventure, sci fi. I’m the same way with movies and music. Though romance is hands down my favorite, and paranormal romance, in particular, is my thing. Asking me to choose my favorite books is like asking me to choose between my kids. But for you, dear reader, I sacrificed and did my best to pick. (Although if you ask me tomorrow, I might have a different list lol).

Her are my top 10 paranormal romance books (because that’s what I write, so of course I love it!). I couldn’t put them in order though, so these are in no particular order. I’m sure as soon as I hit send, I’ll think of 10 more that should have been on this list.


Gray Back Bad Bear (Gray Back Bears Book 1) – T.S. Joyce

T.S. comes out with tons of stories and I read them as fast as she writes them. I got hooked with this one primarily because of the heroine. She’s geeky, and short, and speaks her mind. The meet cute with the hero made me fall in love with this book, and they just keep going with the all the other books in the series.


Drakon’s Promise – N.J. Walters
drakonspromise_webI write dragon shifters, therefore I love dragon shifters. I discovered N.J.’s writing because we share a publisher, and have devoured her books. She jumps straight into the action and her heroes are bad ass.


Hungry Like the Wolf (SWAT Book 1) – Paige Tyler

What I love most about these books is the added action. Since the main character(s) are SWAT, that is incorporated with fantastic detail and the fight scenes are wicked. But there is no heat lost in the romance, either. That combination makes for fantastic reading.


The Hunger Games – Suzanne Collins
I know that technically this isn’t paranormal, falling more in the post-apocalyptic category. And the romance between Katniss and Peta is somewhat secondary to the survival story. But it was that romance that kept me reading. I love that Peta is essentially her softer side, which is surprising, since I usually prefer the Alpha heroes. I loved the epilogue giving them a happily ever after, when they’d survived such horrors.


Christmas in Atlantis – Alyssa Day
Christmas-Atlantis-FINAL-750-200x300I started working for Alyssa as her assistant, so of course I was curious about the books I was helping promote. Plus her teasers are always so great. I started with Christmas in Atlantis and immediately added Alyssa to my favorite authors list. She’s so funny, that I laugh out loud (and sometimes pee a little), but, like with this “Gift of the Magi” based story, she can also make me cry. Which means I’m reading everything else she writes now!


The Spell (Big Bad Wolf #3) – Heather Killough-Walden
Heather Killough-Walden is the first paranormal author I discovered after reading Twilight and realizing that was a genre (how did I miss that until my 30s?). I was hooked from word 1 and love this entire series. Heather’s books always have plots that move fast, sizzling chemistry, and beautiful world building. The Spell also has my favorite of her heroes. The combination of a dark/brooding hero and an ultra-powerful heroine, and I’m a fan for life.


Fated (Dark Protectors #1) – Rebecca Zanetti
I love everything Rebecca writes. Her heroes, who are totally alpha but not alpha-holes, are about as hot as you can get and keep me turning the pages. This is the book that got me hooked on Rebecca’s writing for life. Talen is one of my fav heroes of all time – powerful, confident, and ultra-protective of the woman he loves.


Here Be Sexist Vampires (Deep In Your Veins #1) – Suzanne Wright
The book that got me hooked on Suzanne’s writing which is always sexy and funny and intriguing. The heroine, Sam, is sassy and confident and kicks the boys’ butts. I love it. And Jared is the perfect man to take her on. I also love Suzanne’s take on vampires with the different types, and different powers they can wield.


Jane Eyre – Charlotte Bronte

I know, I know. Not a paranormal romance. This one is a gothic. But you do have ghosts (sort of) and mystery, and a connection between the hero and heroine that is almost other worldly. So I’m counting it. Jane Eyre is the classic novel that made me realize that classics were worth reading. Maybe because the romance was so intriguing. I also love that the hero and heroine are far from perfect—plain or even harsh in appearance, hiding secrets, and yet still worthy of love.


The Rogue King – Abigail Owen

TheRogueKing_500-newSorry!!! I know I put one of my own in here. That’s terrible isn’t it? Eek. But I really love this book. It combines dragons shifters and phoenixes in a modern Game of Thrones sort of way (lots of intrigue and characters and no one is safe). It’s the first book in my Inferno Rising series and releases July 30th (available for preorder now). The Rookie, The Boss, and other Fire’s Edge series stories are dear to my heart, too, because technically they are a spin off of The Rogue King. While it’s releasing a bit later, I wrote it first. Inferno Rising is the world of dragon kings and clans. Fire’s Edge is set in the same world but from the POV of the enforcers in the colonies. I am having way too much fun weaving both story lines together, while making each book stand alone.


Well those are mine (for now lol). Obviously, I’m a fan of dark/brooding heroes and snarky/powerful heroines, especially when they have supernatural powers. Oh, and series too! I consume those. I’d love to hear what would make your top list in this genre. I’m always looking for great books!

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