Return to La Grange

About twice a year, my friend Nicole Flockton and I rent this gorgeous cabin in the woods outside La Grange, TX and we spend the entire weekend writing.

It is the best time! Granted, my poor hands and brain are exhausted at the end of it, but still the best time.

Usually my goal is to write, write, write. I usually end the weekend with between 10k to 20k new words on paper. And I could have done that this time, too. But my Legendary Consultants series is going to a publisher and I need to read through them all first, which will take some time. So instead that’s what I worked on.

I did a full read through withe some edits (added 3k words) to Her Demigod Complex, and finished A Ghost of a Chance as well, also adding another 2k to that one. How I ad more words to books I’ve already finished I have no idea. I think if I didn’t give myself a deadline to stop adding words, I’d never stop. Lol.

This time we ate a little more healthy, enjoyed a meal at a local steak place in Winchester, and I read a lot as well. The weather was cold, but lovely and warmed up on the second day enough to sit on the porch and write for several hours.

We plan to go back in January or February!

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