10 Things About Shift Out of Luck

This really fun blog post was written for and originally posted on Fresh Fiction, April 2020.


Two wolf-shifter alphas—male and female—enter into a mating of convenience to try to end long-running a feud between their packs. If you started with The Demigod Complex, you will have already met Tala and Marrok. But what happens after their mating? Holding together two packs who’ve been at each others’ throats isn’t going to be easy. Especially when, as a female alpha, Tala’s leadership is already a tenuous thing.

Shift Out of Luck starts off with a bang (literally, because, um…mating) and only gets hotter from there. But what else can you expect? Here’s ten things…

  • 2 packs of wolf shifter—and neither wants to give an inch.
  • A lie set to make the packs believe the mating is blessed by the gods.
  • Those pesky sexy-time scents just won’t dissipate after the mating ceremony.
  • A rogue mountain lion shifter in their territory.
  • A secluded cabin.
  • A full moon celebration.
  • No help from her unpredictable sister.
  • An alpha hero who has no idea what he keeps doing to piss off his new mate.
  • A knife-throwing alpha heroine whose wolf keeps attacking the hero.
  • One of their packs isn’t having it, but what can they do against two alphas?

Jump into the worlds of paranormal creatures—wolf shifters, demigods, witches, demons, and more—with the second book in the Brimstone Inc. series. Don’t worry! It can stand alone with its own sigh-worthy HEA. Hope you love it!


Here’s a little sneak peek…

His eager wolf practically burst from his body, forcing the shift faster than Marrok liked. He’d been wanting to play with Tala’s wolf for weeks. Months even.

Taking her in now, he gave a happy wag of his tail. Tala was a lovely wolf, all white with grey socks and grey around her face, slender and lean, shorter than he and smaller by at least thirty percent. No wonder she had chosen to become a weapons expert as her preferred form of fighting. He’d seen her wolf before, of course, but they’d been busy with a battle against a werewolf at the time.

Marrok loosed a playful growl, bunching his muscles to pounce. But Tala turned on him, dropped her head, her ears flattened, and she exposed her teeth. A menacing growl, nothing like the playful one he’d issued, ripped from her throat.

What the hell?

“Tala?” he reached out with the telepathic connection all shifters shared when in animal form.

She didn’t answer. Staying low to the ground, she inched forward, her threat clear. Get away or pay with your life.

Marrok stood his ground and did his best not to react to her aggression even as reverberation of shock passed though him. He couldn’t believe his mate was posturing to attack.

Tala?” he tried again. “Talk to me.”

With a suddenness that upped his shock to cannon blast levels, she lunged. He turned in time to keep those deadly teeth from ripping out his throat.

His mate had gone mad.

He couldn’t let her kill him. Marrok used his experience fighting in this form to twist around her. With a burst of strength and speed, he barreled into her side, knocking her to the ground. In a flash, he was on top of her. Using his greater bulk, he pinned her to the ground. She went berserk, thrashing underneath him, snapping at him. Somehow—not easy around her snarling jaws and trying not to actually harm her—Marrok managed to get her neck between his teeth. He applied just enough pressure to get through and force her to stillness, her sides heaving.

“Don’t make me do this,” he shoved the though as hard as he could, hoping to get through.

It took forever. Tala had to be fighting her animal from inside, but the rage that could overcome a wolf shifter had taken hold, making it near impossible to shift back. Finally, the tell-tale shimmering hovered around her form, blurring her in his vision this close up.

Once she was human enough, Marrok released her and backed off, making the change himself.

Breathing hard, they stared at each other.

“What the hell was that, Tala?”

Her pale face reminded him of the moon—cold, remote, and unreachable. “I don’t know. She took over completely. I could hear you and see what was happening, but I couldn’t…” She shook her head. “I mean, she’s been standoffish about you lately, but why would my wolf want to attack her mate?”


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