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I am thrilled to announce that The Rogue King (Inferno Rising #1) is a finalist for the 2020 RONE Awards in the Fantasy category!!!

The RONE Awards is a contest held annually by the awesome team at InD’Tale.  The contest is for published romance authors in various romance categories published by indie or small publishers.

Throughout the year the InD’tale stable of reviewers read and review submitted books. All books that receive a 4.5 or 5-Star review are nominees in their categories and then go through a round of reader voting to determine finalists. All finalists are then read by a panel of industry judges (editors, agents, librarians, etc.). Their scores will determine the RONE winners.

Winners will be announced and presented at the RONE Awards Gala on Saturday, October 10th, 2020 in Peoria, Illinois at the Write Like a Pro With InD’Scribe Conference.

015-6x9-Book-Ereader-Mockup-COVERVAULT-RogueThis year, I was thrilled to learn that I’m a finalist! Huge congrats to all the finalists in the various categories! And hooray!



Finalists are listed in no particular order. List also posted on the InD’Tale website

PARANORMAL:  SHORT (6 Finalists)
Fire Maidens:  Paris – Anna Lowe
Essential Magic –    T. M. Cromer
Reign of Fire – Casi McLean
Love & Omens – Carrie Pulkinen
Matching Bloodlines  – Deborah Garland
Charm Me Again – Tena Stetler   ***tie***
Blood King  – Amber K. Bryant  ***tie***

CONTEMPORARY:  SWEET (5 finalists)
Ponytails & Promises  -Annette Bower
The Billionaire’s Alternate Marriage –   Tamie Dearen
Catching Waves – Kimberly Krey
Missing Pieces – Susan Clayton-Goldner
Let’s Begin Again – Heather B. Moore

AUDIOBOOKS (4 Finalists)
Rebel Bear – Anna Lowe/Kelsey Osborne
Captivated by a Vampire – Susan Griscom/John York/Gracia Gilland
Starless – Kathryn Le Veque/Brad Wills
War Serenade – Jill Wallace/Peter Noble  ***tie***
The Captain – Julie Coulter Bellon/Tristan Wright ***tie***

How to Wake a Sleeping Lady – Bree Wolf
The Lieutenant and the Lady     – Collette Cameron
The Song of Love     – Meara Platt
The Baron’s Daughter – Laura Beers
Her Midnight Sin      – Sofie Darling
Unkempt Promises – Jude Knight
Last Duke Standing – Cheryl Bolen

YOUNG ADULT (4 Finalists)
Cherokee Summer – Susan Anthony
Gumshoe and the Mysterious Mushroom – Laura Hawk
Portal Through the Veil –  Miranda Lyn
The Apocalypse Five – Stacey Rourke

COPS, JOCKS & COWBOYS (4 Finalists)
Nobody Else But You – Claire Marti
Game Changer – Sierra Hill
Waratah Inn – Lilly Mirren
Second Sight – Patricia D. Eddy

Evie – Shanna Hatfiled
Controlled Burn – Lynda J Cox
Nobody’s Duke – Scarlett Scott
Surrender to Honor – Elizabeth St. Michel
The Balcony Girl – Tina Susedik
The Innocent Wife – CiCi Cordelia
The Wicked Sister – Mary Lancaster  ***tie***
Moon Water – Pam Webber  ***tie***

Babies at Coconuts – Beth Carter
Let It Be Me – Laura Chapman
Starfish – Lisa Becker
Seize the Day – Kathryn R. Biel

TIME TRAVEL/SCI-FI (4 Finalists)
To Weave a Highalnd Tapestry –               Mary Morgan
Bond Proof –  EG Manetti
The Girl Who Loved Caravaggio –          Belle Ami
Tribe of Daughters – Kate L. Mary

The Promise – Kathryn Le Veque
Forgotten Secrets – Elizabeth Rose
The Secret of Skye Isle –  Marisa Dillon
The Guardian – Maeve Greyson

FANTASY (6 Finalists)
The Whisperers of Evernow –
Heidi Catherine
Tides of Time – Luna Joya
The Rogue King – Abigail Owen
A Hundred Breaths – Jean M. Grant
Charmed Against All Odds – Betty Bolte
Amber Ruin    – Suzanne M. Sabol

Forbidden By Time – Negeen Papehn
Cold Horizon – Kristy McCaffrey
Typhoon Toby – R. L. Merrill
Will Rise From Ashes – Jean M. Grant
Beyond the Dark      – S. H. Pratt
I’ve Got You – Becca Seymour

Code of Conduct – April White
For the Love of a SEAL    – Dixie Lee Brown
Break My Bones – Rachael Tamayo
A Tangled Web – A. Claire Everward
Playing Jasper – Ginger Ring

NOVELLA (6 Finalists)
The Marriage of Time – Mariah Stone
Dragon Burning Bright –  Michelle Fox
Faceoff – Rebecca Connolly, Heather B. Moore, Sophia Summers
Healing Emily’s Heart – CiCi Cordelia
Fatal Break – Beth Prentice
The Shadowheart Curse – Karilyn Bentley

MYSTERY (5 Finalists)
Murder in the Cards – Tony Piazza
When Mountains Fall – Rolynn Anderson
Sprinkled in Malice – Catherine Bruns
Lovely Digits – Jeanine Englert
Death By Dissertation –
Kelly Brakenhoff

PARANORMAL: LONG (5 Finalists)
Waking the Dead     – Kerry Blaisdell
Hot Magic – Catherine Kean
The Dragon of New Orleans     –
Genevieve Jack
Vermilion Lies – L. D. Rose
Midnight’s Redemption  – Isobelle Cate

The Best is Yet to Be – Kathryn Le Veque
Seeking Rachel – Josie Riviera
Earl of Scarborough – Collette Cameron
Gift of Faith – Shanna Hatfield
The Sinclair Hound – Caroline Lee
Seduced by the Pirate – Maggi Andersen
The Pirate’s Redemption – Ruth A. Cassie

ANTHOLOGY (4 Finalists)
The Midnight Hour:  All Hallow’s Bride – Kathryn Le Veque, Meara Platt, Scarlett Scott, Mary Lancaster, Maggi Andersen, Chastity Bowlin, Sydney Jane Baily, Violetta Rand
Stars Are Shining Brightly – Paula Quinn, Aubrey Wynne, Meara Platt, Sydney Jane Baily, Collette Cameron, Alexa Aston, Avril Bothiry, Mary Lancaster, Elizabeth Ellen Carter, Lynne Connolly
Meows and Mistletoe – Sue-Ellen Welfonder, Sharon Buchbinder, Candace Colt, Darcy Devlon, Mia Ellas, Debra Jess, Kristal Hollis, Kerry Evelyn, Catherine Kean
Timeless Romance Anthology: Kissing a Billionaire    – Danyelle Ferguson, Sarah M. Eden, Taylor Hart, Heather B. Moore, Sophia Summers, Annette Lyon



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