Black Orchid Gets a Facelift

Black Orchid is the fourth and final book in my Svatura series and it has gotten a facelift!

Originally self-published in May 2014, it (and the rest of the Svatura series) was contracted by The Wild Rose Press and published again in 2015. I can’t believe it’s already been five years and the rights have reverted back to me.

So I gave it this gorgeous new cover (designed by yours truly) and did a refresher round of edits. No major changes, just updating some of the language and editing out some bad habits I’ve since kicked as a writer.

I’d forgotten a lot of what was in this book and series, it had been so long. So it was a blast to get to relive it with these characters again.

Black Orchid is NEWLY AVAILABLE in it’s new, improved self-published format as of NOW! Check all ebook retailers. The rest of the series will follow, one a week, over the next few weeks.

The mind may forget, but the heart never will.

Only oblivion can stop her pain. Adelaide Jenner feels nothing…she is completely numb inside. Her fated love abandoned her and joined their enemy. On that day, her sister turned off all Adelaide’s emotions in order to save her from a heartbreak that could push her over the edge of sanity. But the great power she claims, wielded without compassion or love, can only lead to more pain.

Nate Pierce believes Adelaide used her extraordinary powers to deceive him all these years. So he destroyed a relationship he thought to be false and hungers for revenge. Now, Nate serves Maddox, unaware that his new leader is using him as a pawn in a bid to enslave or kill all Svatura.

The only hope of finally defeating Maddox is for Adelaide and her sisters to combine their growing powers against him. But the key to a Svatura’s power is the heart, and Adelaide is still missing hers.


***This novel was previously published with a different cover and has undergone a re-edit. Things were added and changed, but the kissing still remains!

Holy Grand Finale endings to a series! The fourth and final book in the Svatura series, Black Orchid by Abigail Owen is as magnetic as its startlingly beautiful cover.
~Tome Tender


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